Weekend Recap

Hey Hey Howdy Hey Internet!

It’s a new week! I seriously CANNOT understand how time is moving so dag-gum fast! We are a week into April, and I just don’t understand.

As I said, I am going to be pretty busy in the coming months but I do want to make sure I make this blog a priority.

I am wracking my brain for my Tuesday Tea post, but for now I wanted to update you on some weekend goings-on.

This past week I realized that even the most EXCITING things can be hard work. They can be scary and stressful. Even if you are SO PUMPED, sometimes it is rough.

So this weekend was much needed.

Friday night I went to my friend Katie’s house. Her SDiT had been spayed that day so we made sure she was doing ok, ate the MOST DELICIOUS sweet potato hash, had some ice cream, had some coffee and watched some upsetting TLC shows on Netflix. It was wonderful.

Saturday my mom and I ran some errands, which can be fun every so often.  I also finished the book I was reading, Hollow City, which was exciting. I think next I am going to finish up a series I loved growing up. If you ever read the Alice Series but Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, let me know so we can bond about it! I recently found out that the series is finished and I decided to go back and finish it. After a couple intense books I am ready for some light YA reading.

Sunday I woke up, FOUND A DEAD MOUSE IN MY HOUSE (AGAIN), shoveled it up BY MYSELF, threw it away BY MYSELF, went to church, worked on some of the things that needed doing after this week, and then got some lunch with my mom. After that we both were tired so we both took a Lazy Sunday afternoon nap. Then I did some blog stuff and some reading and TV watching.

It was a much needed relaxing day.

I hope you had a relaxing weekend too, Internet! What is your favorite way to unwind on the weekend?

I’ll be back tomorrow with…. Something….

Love, Liz

6 Responses to Weekend Recap

  1. Heather B says:

    Oh, girl. The fact that dead mouse made it out of your house is an accomplishment in itself. No JOKE. Whew, happy Monday!

  2. Nina says:

    THAT MOUSE IS NO JOKE. No one thinks they are afraid of mice until they are faced with such things. AHHH

  3. Katie says:

    Best Friday night ever 🙂

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