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Hey Internet! Happy Tuesday!!!

It is once again time for some double link up action with Nina and Heather and KhalaSamRenee and Jenni! So for this Tuesday Tea we are looking at my resolutions and seeing how I am doing! I feel really good about this month, so lets see if I am conquering my laziness as much as I think I am!!!

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To see the resolutions I made back in August you can go here. Let’s dive in!

      1. Read More Magazines – #winning guys! This weekend I started going through my magazine pile legit-like! I went through all my fashion magazines and ripped out anything I wanted to keep. I did the same thing with my older Real Simples. I am putting the pages in page protectors and then in binders. This is a practice I started with my old American Girl Magazines because then I can keep any cool things, but the binders take up much less space! I ran out of paper protectors, but a huge amount of progress has been made!  (Liz: 1; Laziness: 0)
      2. Read More Books – This is a win too! I am having trouble remembering when I read what, but since I talked about Divergent last month I will talk about the fact that I read In the Woods by Tana French and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I have also started Riggs’ follow up book Hollow City, but have been short on time and have not made as much progress on this book as I would have liked. Its still a win though. (Liz: 2; Laziness: 0)
      3. Have more consistent quiet times – So. Much. Win. I have kept up with my reading plan, and have been following along with #Shereadstruth‘s Jonah study which was great!!  (Liz: 3; Laziness:0 )
      4. Be more present in social situations – I think I have been doing pretty well with this. Although, to be fair, social situations are few and far between recently. Spring seems to be getting busy. But in a good way.  (Liz: 4; Laziness: 0)
      5. Wear more lipstick – Sadly, I have kind of backslid on this one. Now that it is spring and my lips are not revolting because of the cold, it is time to start owning the legit lipstick again.  (Liz: 4; Laziness: 1)
      6. Decrease my eligibility for the show Hoarders by 50% – I think this is a win! My staple collection is OUT OF CONTROL but I am working to not get too attached to things. I’m hoping my new strict spending diet will help with this.  (Liz: 5; Laziness: 1)
      1. Get the rest of my mom’s house clean – On the bright side – we have some grand cleaning plans for the summer! And we cleaned out our cars and the garage on Sunday! (So. Much. Salt.) One the less-bright side, we haven’t actually started on our grand plans. A prelude to a win, but not a win quite yet…  (Liz: 5; Laziness: 2)
      1. Watch the monies – This month ended pretty rough on this front, but sometimes you can’t help a car emergency. But with my new strict budget I am much more aware of what I buy and when and I am going to call that a win  (Liz: 6; Laziness: 2)
      1. Be organized in my life – Spreadsheets are taking over my personal life, and that is not a complaint. I have been getting organized schedule and budget wise and I think that is deserving of a win!! (Liz: 7; Laziness:2 )
      1. Blog approximately once a week – ha! One is a joke to me now! I want to up my goal to 3, but 2 may be more reasonable. I am entering a season of busyness (that has to do with the EXCITING THINGS I mentioned Friday – Sadly I won’t be able to talk about EXCITING THINGS for quite some time (Don’t be holding your breath or anything Internet)) and because of that busyness I may need to blog (only slightly) less. I will still be here every Tuesday and Friday for my favorite link-up-i-doodles, but I may not have very many posts in between. Unless something is SUPER blog worthy. But this goal was once and week and that is a super win! (Liz: 8; Laziness: 2)

And moving on to the miscellaneous things I added to the list

      • Take pictures of my room and bathroom and post them already! – Guys, I know that I have not done this yet. BUT this weekend I CLEANED and I am ready to take some pictures and post them sometime in the next few weeks! I figured that if I put it off this long I might as well make sure it looks pretty! (Liz: 8; Laziness: 3 – FOR NOW)
      • Proof Read Better –  I think yes. I hope yes! We are going with yes. (Liz: 9; Laziness: 3)
      • Work on my blog’s appearance  – I am pretty happy with the progress on this. I do think I am going to have to step back and call the blog appearance “good enough” for now. There will hopefully be even more improvements later, but for now I am calling this resolution complete and will be taking it off the list next month. (Liz: 10; Laziness: 3)
      • Work on my handwriting – I am also calling this complete. My hand writing is not perfect, but I like it now. And that is a FEAT. We are crossing things off the list left and right!! (Liz: 11; Laziness: 3)
      • Keep up with my teeth routine –  This is getting better. I am really so sick of the dentist, Internet. So so sick. One day my teeth will be good… because one day all of my teeth will be fake… But I have been flossing and mouth washing daily, so winning is happening… as much winning as is possible when it comes to my teeth… (Liz: 12; Laziness: 3)

So there’s that! Winning 12-3 is pretty good if you ask me! Hopefully with more spring cleaning I can win by an even larger margin in April! So how are your resolutions coming, Internet? Anything you want to make more progress in?

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Love, Liz

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  1. Nina says:

    You killed it this month!!!!! Way to go!

  2. Jessi Otey says:

    ehhh you got this!! 🙂 xoxo (love the hoarders one hahaha)

  3. Megan says:

    Those are such great things! I have a stack of magazines that I need to get to

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