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Hey Internet! Happy Monday!… I’m sorry… That was mean… But I do hope you have a very happy Monday!

If you will remember, last week I was doing the Daniel fast and counting down the days until I could have sweet sweet coffee again.

It’s been four days since my fast ended and I have been thoroughly enjoying my coffee time in the mornings! I have been enjoying my coffee SO much that I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to it! Because I am THAT girl.

My love affair with coffee started out in high school when I made a conscious decision that it was time for me to get into coffee. I’m not exactly sure why I decided this was important, but I figured ‘Hey! Why put off the inevitable?’ Both my parents are both HARDCORE addicted to caffeine. It is in my blood. My mom could not live without her coke and my dad is hooked on diet mountain dew. So it was about time to choose my drug of choice. And what is more classy than coffee? Maybe wine, but I was in high school and that wasn’t really an option.

So I called up my friend who was a barista at Starbucks and we asked her to point me to a gateway drink that  would help me transition into the world of coffee.

That drink turned out to be a Java Chip Frappuccino. And I never looked back.

Coffee is now a very important part of my morning routine, and my shopping routine, and my afternoon routine, and sometimes my nightly routine. Giving it up for ten days was definitely the hardest part of the Daniel Fast. I didn’t wean myself off of it, so I was hit with some serious headaches as a result. I also spent the first few days of the fast being VERY tired. And achey. It was rough. But definitely worth it.

One thing I have been learning since the fast ended is how POWERFUL caffeine really is. I never really appreciated the effect it could have because I was so used to having it in my system. But after ten days of no caffeine and no sugar, my first cup of joe had me HYPED. I’m trying to stick to one cup a day and that one cup alone is getting me all jittery and hyper and it’s absolutely great. I think my love affair with coffee is hear to stay.

This was my first post-fast cup of coffee. Bonus: it has one of my favorite Etsy purchases: This Coffee + Jesus Printable

This was my first post-fast cup of coffee. Bonus: this picture features TWO of my favorite Etsy shops; Straight Mugging and  Printable Wisdom

So have yourself a cup of coffee today internet. It’s Monday – you deserve it.

Love, Liz

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  1. Nina says:

    Wine was classier but I was in high school. Definitely laughed out loud!

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