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Hey Internet!! It’s Friday! More Important it is Day One of me being able drink coffee again!!! Everybody grab a cup of Joe and REJOICE! As always, thanks to  AprilDarciChristina, and Natasha for hosting!

5 on Friday


So as I mentioned last Friday, I spent this week following the Daniel Fast. And do you know what that means, Internet? Smoothies. Boy Howdy – has my Nutribullet ever been getting a workout! There is something wonderful about coming home from work and putting some spinach and some berries and a banana and some soy milk (and maybe a some peanut butter!) in a blender and living it up! It is delicious and I am pretty sure I am addicted and I am ok with that.


This week has been the mother load of mail things! One of my favorite things I got was  got my March Mission Cute Box! Mission Cute a great new service, by Samantha over at The Ledford Life,   that sends you a variety of cute things every month AND donates half of each month’s proceeds to a charity! ANDPLUSALSO everything in the box is handmade by an awesome small business! This is what my march box looked like:

Mission Cute


This week I was cooking up a storm! I made some awesome Indian Stuffed Peppers and also what was supposed to be Veggie Tika Masala, but there was a mishap with the “dash of cloves” initiative and it turned out somewhere in between Tika Masala and Christmas – but was still very delicious. I’ve never really put recipes up but I might put the stuffed peppers up sometime next week. They were for reals good.

My Stuffed Peppers



Every so often something in my life happens that makes me say “Yup. I will die alone.” One such event happened yesterday when I got this email:


Yup. If you remember, on Valentines day my friends I signed up for a Groupn Dating Service. We filled out a questionaire and they said they would email us when they found a match for us. But not even the powers that be at Groupon could find me a date. And that is why I will die alone. Truth be told , I really didn’t think this Groupon date would turn into anything. But at the same time, if they can’t find a date for a girl whose astronaut name is BUZZ ALDRIN 2: THE RECKONING then what hope is there? Seriously.



In true fast-breaking fashion, I am going to a chocolate party tonight! Yup. I said it. Chocolate. Party. It will be as magical as it sounds. As far as I know it is like a Tupperware or purse or jewelry or make up or tastefully simple party – but with CHOCOLATE. It may be slightly shameful how excited I am to have someone try to sell me things. But I haven’t had chocolate in ten days, so I am not ashamed at all.

So that was my week in a nutshell.  How was your week, Internet?

Love, Liz

11 Responses to Five on Friday | I’m Drinking Coffee RIGHT NOW

  1. Nina says:

    A Chocolate party!! PS I wrote about my nutribullet too!!

  2. Jenni Frank says:

    YAY for a happy mail week! I am hoooooping there was something in there from me too! 🙂
    I also bragged on my MissionCute box this week! Great minds think alike I guess?!
    Hope you had a great week & an even better weekend! Cheers, Friend!

    • Liz says:

      There was something in there from you!!! I think I am going to do a post in the awesome winnings once everything comes in 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    Those stuffed peppers look fab! Hopefully your Rabbit Ring Tree will arrive today to complete your week of fun packages arriving! Have a great weekend!

  4. Nina says:

    Are you winning everything???

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  6. Kelli B says:

    Ah! Bummer. Dang Groupon. They should have advertised it better. Maybe they didn’t have enough people sign up 🙁

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