Existential Questions

Hey Internet!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Are you wearing green? I am! Lots of green! If I wasn’t on the Daniel Fast I would be dying all sorts of food green today! But I’m going to have a salad for lunch, so that’s pretty green right? If you are searching for some St. Patty’s day flair, and if you want to be super nice and let me live vicariously through you, you should make these and let me know how they are!

Anyhoozels, as I have been participating more in blog link-ups (and consequently reading a lot more blogs (which is a lot of fun!)), I have been thinking more and more about one question: What do I want this blog to be?

Most of the blogs I read aren’t necessarily similar in content to mine. That’s not a bad thing by any means, but it definitely makes me think about what I want my little space of Internet to look like.

Do I want to share my favorite tips and tricks and things or mainly keep telling lots of stories? Do I want this to be a “lifestyle blog?” How does one define a “lifestyle blog?” Is this one already? Why do I feel like a sham calling this a lifestyle blog when I be feeling such a mess all the time? Do I just want to tell (mostly embarrassing) stories of my day-to-day life? Because I have those in spades! Or can this space be both? Can I tell you how much I love the new mascara I bought, while at the same time admitting that it doesn’t matter that much because I never get out of bed in time to put on any make up before work?

Truthfully, that feels the most me. I like sharing my favorite things with people (Oprah and I have that in common. (Incidentally, that is the ONLY thing we have in common.)) But I can’t pass up telling a good old fashioned embarrassing and/or awkward and/or just plain strange story either. Because that is my life.

So maybe I just want to add content – one day tell you about my favorite way to make margaritas and the next  tell you about the time I split my pants in Disney?

Somehow that feels right. So I guess not that much is going to be changing around here. Maybe just a slight shift. Mostly I want to be authentic in this space. I want to tell you guys about things I like and things I do and ways I mortify myself. And I want to let you know as I semi-transition.

So tomorrow I am going to come back. With something slightly different.  A bit of lifestyle and a bit of a mess. I’m excited and you should stop on by.

And you should tell me your favorite types of blog posts! Cuz I wanna know!

Love, Liz

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  1. Alex says:

    I’m always drawn to blogs that are honest. I think it’s important to post on whatever you feel like (it’s your blog girl… do what makes you happy!). However, I love the idea of mixing it up, embarrassing story posts, recipes, “lifestyle posts”… you write it… I’ll read it!

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