Five On Friday | Is It Spring Yet?

Hey Internet! Happy Friday!! Thanks to AprilDarciChristina, and Natasha for hosting this lovely link up every week!

5 on Friday


Hatz. I bought a super cool hat this week! It is a baseball cap and it sparkles and It. Is. Awesome. I am usually not the baseball hat kind. I would usually feel awkward about wearing it. But I am obsessed and I took some selfies to prove it:


My PATHETIC Attempt at being a bad ass. It's never going to happen.

These are my PATHETIC Attempt at being a bad ass. It’s never going to happen.


Cold. It is just too too cold out internet. I am so not into this. I just want to go frolic in the sunshine but THERE IS NO SUNSHINE. There was sunshine for two days! And then it DIED… Ok Died might be a strong word, but it hard core went away and made me sad. The cabin fever is killing me.



Fasting . So this week I embarked on a fasting  journey. It is my fourth (out of ten) day on the Daniel fast, and it is going … good? Good-ish I would say. For those of you who don’t know , the Daniel fast is a fast based on the book of Daniel in the Bible. They describe the eating plan as “vegan with more restrictions,”  so clearly it has been super easy! (It has not been super easy). What makes this a fast and not a diet is: 1) It is not meant to be permanent. The Good Lord gave us mac & cheese and it is meant to be enjoyed! 2) The spiritual element. Fasting is meant to draw us closer to God as we choose not to partake of certain things.

While not super easy (caffeine headaches are a REAL THING y’all.) It has been a good experience so far. I full on expected to make a joke about how if I don’t get some chocolate into my system soon I might injure someone, but I am feeling super non-violent for someone who hasn’t had any processed or sweetened foods in 4 days (I hope I am not the only one who gets grumpy without a chocolate fix). So I am pretty sure the reason I haven’t stabbed anybody (well – except myself. True story – Mangos are surprisingly difficult to cut) is the Jesus element. Because on my own there is NO WAY I could eat this way. Even for 4 days. So here is to 6 more days of fasting and hoping one day I will wake up without a caffeine withdrawal headache.

On the bright side this open-faced-rice-cake-guacamole-mango-spinach-pine-nut-sandwich was DELICIOUS.

On the bright side this open-faced-rice-cake-guacamole-mango-spinach-pine-nut-sandwich was DELICIOUS.



Mugz. So what is the best thing to buy when you can’t drink anything except water? Mugs of course!! I’ve mentioned my friend Nina’s etsy shop (and awesome blog) before, and I already have 2 mugs she made that I LOVE. So Wednesday, in a moment of weakness (read: Nina told me she was having a sale) I ordered this Harry Potter Mug Set that I have been coveting. I cannot wait for them to get here!! I CANNOT WAIT TO DRINK COFFEE OUT OF THEM!!! Six days, Internet. Six more days ’til sweet sweet coffee.

How could you NOT buy these on sale?!

How could you NOT buy these when they go on sale?!



Sunnies. I may have a problem internet. I may have bought 2 pairs of sunglasses this week. (In my defense, Target was having a buy one get one half off sale so who WOULDN’T buy 2?!?) I may have a bit of a sunglasses problem but I AM JUST SO EXCITED FOR SPRING! It needs to get here already!!!  So I buy sunglasses. Because they remind me of sun. And one day the sun will come out. (Mayhaps tomorrow?!?… Who am I kidding? Probably not…) And when the sun does finally make an appearance I will be SO ready!!!

So there’s my five things internet! The weekend is upon us!!!

Love, Liz

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  1. Nina says:

    You crack me up! And the mugs are in the mail tomorrow, my dear!

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