But Tonight I’m Cleanin’ Out My Closet

Hey Internet! Today I want to talk about cleaning out my closet – it’s not just a great Eminem song. It is a super big process I have undertaken.

This weekend I was inspired to really go through my closet and give away things I didn’t like or didn’t wear. I have kind of a big shopping problem and I tend to buy things that I don’t LOVE. I may just like them or I may love the idea of them, but they may not look exactly like I want them to look or they may not be totally comfortable. But I will like the idea of them and so I will buy them. And then I will never wear them. It is a problem.

So this weekend I did a MAJOR closet overhaul. I went through everything and I gave away a TON of clothes. It was actually kind of freeing to be like “Yes. I love and wear everything in my closet.” And it made me think about what I really want in my closet. I want to start shopping for a few quality pieces instead of a bunch of not-great pieces. It will be an adjustment, and there are definitely a few things I want to add to my wardrobe as it stands, but I want to be very deliberate about what I add to my closet. So I’ve taken to Pinterest and started pinning examples of “capsule wardrobes” – wardrobes with a small number of pieces that can be combined in a number of different ways. (You can see my Minimizing the Closet board here.)

And I have started a list of pieces I eventually want to add to my wardrobe. So far I want to keep my eyes out for:

  1. A Mustard Yellow Cardigan – I had one, but didn’t love it. I need to buy a cardigan that is not from Target. That is the goal.
  2. A white shirt with black stripes – I love this trend and really want to find one I feel comfortable in.

    This outfit combines my first 2 goals. (Taken from Pinterest)

    This outfit combines my first 2 goals. (Taken from Pinterest)

  3. Something Leopard Print – It’s time. It’s what the grown ups wear. I need something leopard. Something TASTEFUL and leopard.
  4. A Colored Pair of Pants – All I wear is jeans and that is a problem. I want to branch out.

    Another Pinterest Find.

    Another Tow-Goal Pinterest Find.

  5. A Shirt with a Peter Pan Collar – Because I love them. Also: Peter Pan.

    I love this shirt. How would we figure out fashion without Pinterest guys?

    I love this shirt. How would we figure out fashion without Pinterest guys?

So that’s the list. I am trying not to do too much shopping, but if I find one of these things that I love I will happily add them to my closet. I am still contemplating what I want my wardrobe as a whole to look like, but I will keep you updated.

So what are some wardrobe staples you couldn’t live without, Internet?

Love, Liz

4 Responses to But Tonight I’m Cleanin’ Out My Closet

  1. Richard says:

    Did you take inventory of the things you gave away, so your mom can get the tax deduction?

  2. Nina says:

    Your blog just gets cute and cuter. I can’t stay away from Target cardigans and I HAVE to clean out my closet

    • Liz says:

      Aww thanks! I had a ton of Target cardigans that I just didn’t love. They never fit completely right. Now I just need to find ones that work for me!

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