It’s Like I am A Networking Superstar!!

Hey Internet! Happy Tuesday!!!

So, in an effort to make this here blog more… blog-y, I am going to be attempting to participate in more of these link-up scenarios in which I write in response to some sort of prompt-y-doodle and then link my blog with the hosts’ blogs and everything is magic and fun times…. Did that make sense? Nope? Awesome.

Last month I did my first ever link up with Nina and Heather to revisit my resolutions once a month. And today it is time for the second installment of that there link up!

Link Up

Today is also the day that Khala, Sam, Renee and Jenni are beginning their Tuesday Tea link up in which every Tuesday they invite bloggers to write about whatever floats their boat (their cup of tea, if you will) and link it up with them. I like this idea a lot because it will serve as a way to keep me accountable and keep me updating this here blog on a regular basis, and I can write about whatever I please!

Tuesday Tea Link Up

So, in an effort to be SUPER NETWORK-Y I am doing a double link-up today in which I revisit my resolutions with Nina and Heather and link it up with Khala, Sam, Renee and Jenni as my cup-o-tea of the day.

What’s that internet? This long winded explanation of this post has left you exhausted and you really don’t care that much?  I figured.  But it felt necessary. I promise this is the last time I explain this link up situation.

So! My resolitions!

I make my resolutions in August because I like to be contrary. You can read them here and see how I was doing at the end of January here. And, as I did last time, I am making this an epic battle of Me vs. My Own Laziness. If I have made some progress towards one of my goals I count it as a win, if I have been stagnant and/or the situation is getting worse it is a loss. Let’s get to it!

  1. Read More Magazines – Well I can’t call this a win quite yet, but more of a prelude to a win. I read that one magazine I had been carrying around with me for days… but that is the only headway I made. So it still needs work, but it is coming along…ish…kind of? A little? Ok. Fine. I know. One magazine in a month is not going to make my magazine pile any smaller. I get it. Stop judging internet.  (Liz: 0; Laziness: 1)
  2. Read More Books – I am counting this as a win. I’m going to be honest here. It took me weeks to get over the Divergent series. Weeks. Not just the ending. I have a good case of denial going on about that, but just the series as a whole. It was hard to extract those books from my mind. I may have reread the first book. But then I decided I really needed to get over it and I am currently reading 2 very promising books. 1 fiction and 1 nonfiction. So that is what I call winning.  (Liz: 1; Laziness: 1)
  3. Have more consistent quiet times – This has been going really well! I am reading the Bible in chronological order this year and I am completely on schedule! I have read Genesis, Job, Exodus and Leviticus and I started Numbers two nights ago. I do want to start journaling more, but I have been making headway in that aspect too, so I’m calling this a legit win..  (Liz: 2; Laziness:1 )
  4. Be more present in social situations – Well, I have recently developed an instagram addiction, so it is not unusual for me to whip out my phone and say “Wait. I needs to instagram this!” But other than that, I think I have been doing pretty well. I think I have MOSTLY only gotten on my phone in social situations to show people things, so I am going to call this a win with some room for improvement. What? I make up the rules internet. I make them up.   (Liz: 3; Laziness: 1)
  5. Wear more lipstick – Well, since it is winter and cold “lipstick “is turning out to be a REALATIVE term, but I am counting this as a win. I get horrible chapped lips and am constantly on the hunt for the perfect lip product and never quite find the right one. Sometimes I think I find it, but after using it for a time I become disappointed yet again. Right now I am using Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips. I got a sample in my first ever birch box and I was LOVING IT so much that I ordered a full size. I am still liking it, but what I really want is something to prevent my lips from chapping all together… and I’m not sure that that exists. I am layering that with my favorite Baby Lips Dr. Rescue, which has some color and sometimes I will layer it with lipstick as well. Or sometimes I’ll add some lip gloss. But I still can’t shake the feeling that I am missing out on the Holy Grail of lip products. Is it out there internet? Does it exist? If you know what it is, help a girl out because I am running out of patience and room in my purse. This is still a win. Because I am trying so so hard.  (Liz: 4; Laziness: 1)

    At this present moment in time, ALL of these lip products are in my purse

    At this present moment in time, ALL of these lip products are in my purse

  6. Decrease my eligibility for the show Hoarders by 50% – This was a win thanks to me week!  While I as taking time out for myself I attacked my closet and got rid of a TON of stuff! (Ok, “got rid of” is a bit strong. I put a TON of stuff into boxes WITH THE INTENTION of donating it. It is a process internet!) There is still work to be done. But I made decent headway this month.  (Liz: 5; Laziness: 1)
  7. Get the rest of my mom’s house clean – ONE DAY this will be a win. It. Will. Be…. One day….  (Liz: 5; Laziness: 2)
  8. Watch the monies – I think I did pretty good this month watching the monies. Any month that starts with a weekend trip has the potential to be tight, but I think I did pretty good!  (Liz: 6; Laziness: 2)
  9. Be organized in my life – Well, I bought a calendar and put it in my purse!!!…. Now I just have to start using it. Baby steps? Yeah… No… This goal is covered in failure… (Liz: 6; Laziness:3 )
  10. Blog approximately once a week – This a win! A win I say! And with my new link-up initiative I think I may bump this goal up to twice a week! Crazy, I know!! (What’s that you say legitimate bloggers? Twice a week is a joke to you?… yeah, well… I’m working on it.) (Liz: 7; Laziness: 3)

And moving on to the miscellaneous things I added to the list

  • Take pictures of my room and bathroom and post them already! – … DANGIT LIZ!!!  (Liz: 7; Laziness: 4)
  • Proof Read Better –  I do think I am improving. I’m still not great. But I am getting slightly better. This is a tentative win. Very tentative. (Liz: 8; Laziness: 4)
  • Work on my blog’s appearance  – Well now I have buttons so you can follow me on bloglovin’ and instagram and pinterest and twitter. (Look at them. Click them. You know you want to.) So I am making progress. I am teaching myself all of this, so it’s a process but every little step counts. (Liz: 9; Laziness: 4)
  • Work on my handwriting – You know what? I am pretty happy with this. I am declaring it a win. Now I just need to fix my “I’m totally sleep deprived” handwriting and we will be home free!!  (Liz: 10; Laziness: 4)
  • Keep up with my teeth routine –  Internet, I told you last month I’d have more “My teeth are horrible” stories and I haven’t written that post yet! I will put it on the list that I will start making right now so I remember.  (see how much of a fail my getting-organized resolution is?) I am getting back into my teeth routine slowly but surely. Its not a win yet, but it is getting better. (Liz: 10; Laziness: 5)

    See?! I made the list! Cryptic is it not? Also, yes. That is my version of "good handwriting"

    See?! I made the list! Cryptic is it not? Also, yes. That is my version of “good handwriting”

So there you have it! My TeusdayTea/Coast to Coast Resolutions Revisted Link-Up post!

Be sure to check out all these wonderful ladies who are much more legit bloggers than I am, and after you do that, please don’t judge this here little blog too harshly. Because I love her internet. I really really do.

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10 Responses to It’s Like I am A Networking Superstar!!

  1. Jessi Otey says:

    Love these resolutions- and love the fact that the link-up is revisiting them in an effort to stay on track!

  2. Samantha says:

    I love the me vs. laziness scores, that’s hilarious!! Thanks for joining us today! xo

  3. I love this! I’m right there with you on wearing more lipstick and being more present in social situations! I feel ya! Thank you so much for linking up with us today!! xoxoxo

  4. I love the magazine resolution – I think I may be a monthly subscription addict! I get like five magazines and currently subscribing to two monthly boxes but I love it! As far as lip products, I love the Revlon lip butters because they are a lipstick/balm hybrid and I find it’s just really tough to go full lipstick in the winter. Chapped lips + lipstick is not a good look! Thanks for linking up with us!

    • Liz says:

      I am such a subscription addict too! I just started getting birchbox and I am in big trouble. I will have to try the Revlon lip butters! Thanks for the tip!

  5. Nina says:

    I heart you and you crack me up.

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