A Single Girl’s Valentines Day Perspective

Hey Internet! I know I already did a Valentine’s day post, but I was feeling inspired and thought I would pop on by to talk to you some more!

I said in my post earlier today that  didn’t understand the bad rep that Valentine’s Day gets, and I wanted to elaborate on that. Based on the number of “Ef you Valentines Day!” and “Singles Awareness Day” posts I saw on facebook today, I am guessing that I am in the minority here, but I think there is something kind of wonderful about being single on Valentine’s Day. I suppose I never had grand dreams of romantic Valentine’s Days to begin with, so I don’t experience the sting of disappointment that some people seem to face, but still, with that in mind, I want to tell you why a single Valentine’s Day can be kind of awesome. We all know how I love a good list, so I thought that tonight I would bring you:

Life Lessons From A Single Girl’s Valentine’s Day

Lesson 1: If you go to Target on Valentines Day and purchase 2 bottles of wine, a log of goat cheese, some crackers, a jar of Nutella and a tube of lipstick it will be pretty clear to the cashier what your plans are for the evening. And they will be totally jealous because who WOULDN’T want to leave Target with 2 bottles of wine, a log of goat cheese, some crackers, a jar of Nutella and a tube of lip stick? Nobody. That’s who. Because that haul is AWESOME.

Lesson 2: It is possible to make a meal out of goat cheese and crackers. And you know what? That’s ok because goat cheese is delicious.

Lesson 3: You know what else is delicious? Jalapeño infuse tequila in margaritas.  It is seriously the best margarita you will ever drink. Seriously. There is a wonderful kick to it and – it’s just so so good.

Lesson 4: Sometimes its fun to do your make up and dress nice for a night in. It makes you feel fancy while you eat your goat cheese and dink your jalapeño margaritas. And feeling fancy is nice.

Dressing Up

Lesson 5: If you have 3 single girls, a bottle of wine and a bottle of  jalapeno tequila on Valentine’s Day and the subject of a Groupon dating service comes up – you will end up spending $20 to go on a triple date with 3 random guys Groupon pairs you with.

Lesson 6: In order for Groupon to pair you with people, they will need to know what your astronaut name would be. Because that is how Groupon works.

Lesson 7: My astronaut name would be Buzz Aldrin 2: The Reckoning.

Lesson 8: After you fill out your Groupon dating profile, your two friends will try to claim that this is all your idea and they were suckered into it. Your two friends can suck it, because that is a total lie and they were all for it.

Lesson 9: You will end up scheduling a triple date with 3 strangers for April 3rd. It will be weird, but also kind of awesome because the Groupon includes 1 free drink or appetizer per person and that is totally worth the $6.66 per person you paid. You will wonder what the astronaut names of the 3 strangers will be.

Lesson 10: There is not much that is more fun than five girls gathered around a table with wine and margaritas and goat cheese and Nutella and pizza and kitten chocolate (from Germany. Don’t ask.)

Who WOULDN'T Want to Eat That?!?

Who WOULDN’T Want to Eat That?!?

So why complain abut being single on Valentine’s Day? Yes, it is a day about love. But it doesn’t have to be romantic love. I love my friends and had an awesome night tonight. We didn’t need to wallow or complain about how we were single. Because we aren’t fundamentally missing anything. Do I want a relationship at some point? Totally. Do I want to get married and have babies and grow old with somebody? 100%. But just because I am not on that road right now doesn’t mean I have to be sad on one specific day each year.

So if you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day, do yourself a favor and celebrate. Dress up a bit. Gather together some friends and celebrate the people you are. Eat, drink and BE MERRY. Don’t drown your sorrows in wine and Nutella. Drink wine and eat Nutella because they are frackin’ awesome! Hang out with people you love and enjoy the holiday. Wear some pink! And remember – tomorrow candy will be a bajillion percent off.

So happy Valentine’s Day my loves! I hope you had a wonderful time doing whatever it is you did.

And don’t worry. I will be sure to tell you all about my triple Groupon Date come April… That may have had something to do with the tequila… But it was just so funny! One minute we were discussing astronaut names and the next I was typing in my credit card numbers… But what are you going to do?

So how was your Valentine’s Day Internet? What did you do?

Love, Liz

2 Responses to A Single Girl’s Valentines Day Perspective

  1. Kelli B says:

    This is awesome! Kitten chocolate?! Hilarious. And jalapeno infused margaritas sound amazing! I’m really curious about your Groupon date now so I’m going to go find that post. 🙂

    • Liz says:

      Ah. I see fro your other comment that you have met with the inevitable disappointment that is my Groupon dating non-experience. I keep meaning to post a jalapeno infused margarita tutorial. One day!! 🙂

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