Me Time May Be Harder Than I Thought…

Hey Internet!

So after my proclamation yesterday that this week was going to be set aside for some alone time to relax and reenergize, I am finding that that may be harder than I expected. It is lunch time on Day 1 of Me-Week and I have thought “Hey! I miss this person! I should text them and see if they can hang out this.. oh.. no.. ME TIME!” no less than 3 separate times today. Thinking of 3 different people. It’s a problem.

But I am staying strong because I am giving myself this week. Because I need it.

I am having trouble deciding what I want to do with this week. If I don’t make any goals I am afraid I will waste this week on TV and nothing else. I’m not against spending some time catching up on tv. (I’m watching Parks and Rec. on  my iPhone as I type this because – MULTI TASKING) but I don’t want TV to be my entire week. Because that is not going to leave me refreshed. So I need to really think about this.

I think I want to clean my room. And get rid of some stuff. To make some progress in my hoarding and donate it. I want to read. And I think I should probably do some more journaling. I need to make some decisions about this whole life thing. I have been keeping myself so busy and putting off any major real-life thinking, but this week it is time to be a grown up.

So here is to being a grown up internet. Feel free to shot me a comment or email or text this week to hold me accountable. Lord knows I need somebody to hold me accountable, because left to my own devices Me-Week will quickly turn into Amy-Poehler-Week, which would be awesome but NOT the point.

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  1. Nina says:

    Okay I can SO relate to this. Either I am in the fast lane or I am lazy. Where is the inbetween? You know, the healthy place?

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