Ghee Funk and the Paradiddle Crew

Hey Internet! Happy Friday!!!

This blog is brought to you by total weirdness. That is really the only thing that explains it.

But first a story:

Once upon a time I was watching a movie and drinking wine with my friend Marcie and, as people are wont to do when drinking wine with friends, we decided that we are pretty funny ladies.  Marcie told me that she thought we should make videos for the internet (i.e. vlogs) and, because I had drank the wine, I told her that that was a GREAT idea.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 2.44.00 PM

This is a Picture of Marcie. With Wine. In a Target Cart. We Be Classy. 

After a while I realized that I have a very deep sense of shame and that maybe posting videos of myself talking to the internet might give me heart palpitations (Read: Right now. Heart palpitations. Me. Typing this). If you have been here a VERY long time, you may remember that this is basically the same way my mind and body reacted to sharing this blog with you on facebook.

It’s not that I am actually ashamed of what we are doing. In fact, the narcissistic part of me kind of loves watching these videos. It’s the possibility that maybe I SHOULD be ashamed of it. Because, if I’m honest, Marcie and I be WEIRD.

But it is too late for that. We made a video. We edited it. We made a youtube channel. We got excited.

And then I got terrified.

So I’m kicking it old school and trying to own this, just like I tried to own this blog. And eventually I was successful.  I’m super proud of this blog now, and one day I will be super proud of these vlogs. Probably. But in order to be proud, I need to own it.

So here we go. A new Internet adventure. Ugh. Internetting is stressful. But great.

Oh! Before we dive in! A word on the name: Once we made a video we realized that we needed to name our youtube channel. There was a long debate and the following were seriously banded about:

Razzle Zazzles
Coffee to Wine
Hot Mess Parade
Pantsless Parade
No Pants Party
Totally Employable

We could not agree. Then we decided that, since watching Psych is one of our favorite past times, we should name our channel after one of the nicknames Shawn gives Gus in the show. We were totally set on Ghee Buttersnaps, when we found out that that was already taken… twice…

And then I remembered. I remembered that in high school I made a promise to myself that if I was an entertainer I would call myself “G Funk and the Paradiddle Crew.” (Note: I was a WEIRD high schooler)

So I suggested that (Youtube is a type of entertainment, after all) and Marcie loved it (I told you we were WEIRD), but felt like she hadn’t contributed. So we settled of Ghee Funk (Shout out to Ghee Buttersnaps) and the Paradiddle Crew. Marcie wanted to be Ghee Funk, so I am here reppin’ the ENTIRE Paradiddle Crew, which is to say – me.  So there’s that internet.

Now, instead of a five things Friday post, I bring you a ten things Friday video:

Introduction: Hello World! By Ghee Funk and the Paradiddle Crew

You’re welcome for that.

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  1. Nina says:

    Haha. I normally don’t watch youtube videos but you guys did a great job! Love the editing. Love the Seuss hair (I agrees) LOVE the elephant tat because I LOVE ELEPHANTS.

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