Coast to Coast – A Resolutions Revisited Link Up

Hey hey howdy hey Internet! How you doing?

Today’s blog post is special because a friend from college, Nina, and her friend are hosting a link up (and with that phrase we have officially reached the end of my knowledge of blog-type networking. In fact, we may have exceeded it.), for bloggers to harken back to their new years resolutions once a month and take stock of how they are doing.  I kind of love this idea, but if you’ve been here a while you know I tend to make my resolutions around my birthday/blogiversary. Now, that’s not going to stop me! It just means that the resolutions I made will be a little less fresh than your average resolution review at the end of January.

Here's the fancy life up picture, because they have much fancier blogs than I do.

Here’s the fancy life up picture, because they have much fancier blogs than I do.

Now! If you want to read my detailed resolutions list – the what and the why- you can read them here. Otherwise, I’m just gonna list them out here and a tell you how I have been doing on each one.  And as an added bonus I am making it into a competition: Me Against the Music My Own Laziness! Who will win? Let’s find out!!

Liz’s Blogiversary Resolutions Revisited

  1. Read more magazines – Ummmm……yeah….. About this…. I still have a GIANT pile of magazines that I need to read. I have literally made zero progress on this one. But my intentions are there! I have been carrying around the most recent issue of Real Simple in my purse for days! Days I tell you! What’s that internet? Carrying a magazine around is not the same as reading it? You are correct! But it is a step in the right direction? Maybe? Ish? Not at all? Yeah… I know… (Laziness: 1; Liz: 0)
  2. Read more books – I have good news internet! This one is going much better than the previous resolution! It’s true that up until recently this wasn’t going GREAT, but in the last week and a half I have read all three Divergent books (read the intro to this post if you want to know my feelings towards one Miss Veronica Roth) and Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, by Maria Semple. (Fun fact: I decided to read this book after reading a post by the host of this link up!)The problem I have with book reading (If you can call it a problem. I choose to.), is that I tend to get TOO involved with my books. I get sucked in TOO far. While I find it almost impossible to finish a book that doesn’t grab my attention, when a book does grab my attention I find it utterly impossible to put it down. When I can’t read, I am thinking about the book. I get frustrated if I don’t have someone to talk to about my book because DON’T THEY KNOW THIS IS MY WHOLE LIFE RIGHT NOW?!?! But if they have read it, I find myself asking what happens then saying “No! Wait! Don’t tell me! No! Wait! Do! I need to know! NO! I have to read it myself! I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!” Which, as I’m sure you can tell, is SUPER fun for both me and the poor soul who made the mistake of entering into a conversation with me.AND THEN if I start a book before I have adequately mourned the ending of my previous book (I must mourn both happy and sad book endings – because endings in and of themselves are sad) I get stuck in BOTH the worlds of the two books which makes it even harder to be in my real life. Right now I am stuck in this strange place between a dystopian Chicago where kids are fighting for their lives and a modern day Seattle where a 14 year-old girl is trying to piece together her mother’s strange disappearance AND current day Chicago (i.e. Real Life)- where it is seriously FRACKIN’ cold. Needless to say, I am a bit confused. In the best way. This one counts as a win… I think… (Laziness: 1; Liz: 1)
  3. Have more consistent quiet times – We are counting this as a victory. Between my small group doing a Beth Moore study that requires me to do 5 studies every week and the fact that I decided to read the Bible chronologically in a year (Hey! I started this one on January first! This one is a REAL New Years Resolution! And I have kept on schdule with it!), I have been having much more consistent quiet times! Yay! (Laziness: 1; Liz: 2)
  4. Be more present in social situations – This one is slow going. It is something I need to be continually reminding myself of. Since I think I pull out my phone in other’s company more often than not, I will say this is not yet a win – BUT I have been making some progress. (Laziness: 2; Liz: 2)
  5. Wear more lipstick – Done and Done. I am wearing a LOT more lipstick. In more exciting colors than I used to. When I am not wearing lipstick, I am coating my lips in Baby Lips Dr. Rescue in Soothing Sorbet. I LOVE this because it is tinted and amazing and since it is winter and SUPER cold, this provides some relief. I got my current tube in November and it is already over half gone. This is NOT normal for me. I may be an addict.  (Laziness: 2; Liz: 3)
  6. Decrease my eligibility for the show Hoarders by 50% – Well, on the one hand there are 2 boxes in my room that are full of things that I am donating. On the other hand, there is a pile of used staples on my desk…. I really don’t know if this is a win or not… We may have to call it a stalemate. But! Next month if I still don’t know it will go in the loose column. That seems fair. (Still Laziness: 2; Liz: 3)
  7. Get the rest of my mom’s house clean – ummm…. Yeah….. You see… what had happened was….. (Laziness: 3; Liz: 3)
  8. Watch the monies – Progress has been made. Definite progress. Christmas was rough and having the wedding week directly after kept things tight, but I have definitely been more money conscious. We will count it as a win, but a very tentative one. I need to keep it up. (Laziness: 3; Liz: 4)
  9. Be organized in my life – haha…. That’s a funny joke I told back then…. I may have lost my calendar… I may also have a very messy room…. My bathroom is clean-ish though?…. (Laziness: 4; Liz: 4)
  10. Be a good bridesmaid for the bestie – This was admittedly a very short term resolution. The wedding is already over. I will include it in the list this time, for closure, but next time will take it out because it is time to move on. I think this was a win. I hope the bestie would agree, because she has pretty final say in the matter. But I did hold her dress while she peed, so I am going to go ahead and put it in the win column. If she disagrees she can let me know and I can switch it. I won’t be upset….I’d be a little upset…. (Laziness: 4; Liz: 5)
  11. Blog approximately once a week – I think this is a win!!! December was super lacking, but every other month since I wrote these goals I have averaged over one blog a week! Yay goals! (Laziness: 4; Liz: 6)

That was the master list, followed by a few miscellaneous things:

  • Take pictures of my room and bathroom and post them already! – …Dangit Liz! (Laziness: 5; Liz: 6)
  • Proof read better – Since I am the world’s WORST proofreader, I don’t really know if I have improved. So I am leaving this up to you. Read this blog and comment on it with the number of typos you find. If it’s super shameful (it probably will be) it will be a loss. If it’s acceptable, it will be a win! If you feel that this is too mean, then you are probably not my old roommate. Hey old roommate! Do it!
  • Work on my blog’s appearance – I am pretty happy with how my blog looks! If you disagree… please don’t tell me… I may cry… (But totally! Tell me how many typos I have!) There are a few things I still want to do with the blog, but I think its a win for now! (Laziness: 5; Liz: 7)
  • Work on my handwriting – This is going pretty well I think! I can read my writing like 95% of the time! I declare a win! (Laziness: 5; Liz: 8)
  • Keep up with the teeth routine – Oh my teeth. Do I have more stories for you internet! “MORE teeth stories?!?!?” you may ask. Yes. So. Many. More. This is sadly not a win, but there is an excuse. I will tell you my excuse in a separate teeth post. Are you excited? You should be. And by that I mean, my life is so pathetic you will probably find it totally funny. I kind of do. (Laziness: 6; Liz: 8)

Final Score: Liz: 8; Laziness: 6!!

COOL! I win internet! I win! I beat my laziness! (ish)! There is for sure progress to be made still, but I am pretty happy with how things are going!

Now go over to Nina’s blog and Heather’s Blog check out how every one else is doing!!!

5 Responses to Coast to Coast – A Resolutions Revisited Link Up

  1. Nina says:

    Girl, you are hilarious!!! I get you in so many ways. And you are killing it with the resolutions really! I mean, you were really ambitious but you are doing it! Just knowing I had to write about them…and we only decided like a week ago to do this for sure helps a lot…at least for me….haha….And your blog looks great. You did this all yourself? Wow. Finally, I am super flattered that you are reading Maria Semple’s book because of my blog. I am actually blogging about four books tomorrow.

    • Liz says:

      Oh boy! I’m so excited to read about more books! I’ve been trying to decide what to read next!

      And thanks! I’ve been trying not to let the laziness get the best of me and writing about it once a month is for sure going to help! You guys had a great idea with that one for sure!

      And I am slowly figuring out the blog design. I’m letting my wordpress theme do most of the work and am slowly but surely learning how to customize it. I super duper love the look of your blog! It gives me something to aspire to. For reals though.

  2. Heather B says:

    Hello! Thanks so much for joining us. I laughed so much reading your resolutions- with you not at you 😉 Also, I’m feeling you on reading more- last year I was ignoring people around me to finish a book. I haven’t gotten into one in 2014, BUT the Divergent series is next on my list because I LOVED the Hunger Games. Is it good?? I love that you are trying to wear more lipstick, haha. And for the record, my husband considers it his high calling to be my proofreader- after I’ve posted- and to report the errors when I’m furthest from the computer.. Looking forward to reading about your progress!

    • Liz says:

      Haha isn’t that the worst? It’s like NOW you tell me?!? My dad just likes to tell me I have typos without telling me what they are. So that’s awesome lol.

      Thanks for hosting! I had a lot of fun looking back at my resolutions.

      And OMG I think you will love divergent! The first one is the best, but they are all worth reading! Especially if you liked the hunger games!

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