Wedding Week Recap Day 7 – The Morning After

Hey Internet! Welcome back! It’s Wedding Week Recap Day  7! For the rest of the week so far you can find:

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Wedding Week Day 7 was pretty chill. Everyone was still sort of recovering from the wedding so we were all a bit tired.

In the morning I got to have breakfast with a very good friend from high school (yes. I was still in bed when she rang the doorbell. How did you know?). We went to Waffle Brothers which has the best waffles in the whole world and if you are even in Denver you should go to there.

After that we went back to the apartment and sorted wedding stuff so it would be a little cleaner when the bride and groom returned. It took A LOT of self control not to make it rain with all the dollars from the dollar dance. A lot.  Mostly we were afraid we would lose some of the dollars and that is not a very happy wedding present. “Surprise! You have 3 less dollars than you did originally!” Although I could have just replaced the missing dollars… DANGIT! Missed opportunity… Oh well…

After that my friend left and I showered and watched some New Girl and then the happy couple came home. They unloaded the car and then we all headed out to visit with their families.

Remember when I said they are the most hospitable couple ever? Yeah. That is the truth. I have had the opportunity to meet/hang out with both of their families, and every one is seriously wonderful.  So we went to the hotel the groom’s family was staying at and ate some sandwiches and chased the ring bearer around.  Clearly it was a lot of fun.

After his family left (they had to start there drive back home. There were rumors abounding of bad bad weather) we headed over to the bride’s family’s hotel and hung out with them. While we were there I got a call from my mom basically saying “Will you actually get home tomorrow? It’s negative a jillion degrees out here.” I told her as far as I knew my flight was not canceled and I would keep an eye on it and it would all be fine. And then I hung up the phone and told everybody that I was probably going to freeze to death when I got home.

We went to a pho place for dinner, which was totally delicious. I didn’t actually get pho (I feel like I probably should have because I’ve never had it, but they had something called Mango Chicken and how do you NOT order that?!?)

After dinner we met up with some of the groom’s grad school classmates for the bowling (proving once again that I am an 80 year old woman trapped in a 23 year olds body. “We’re going bowling at 10 pm? Bunch of crazy kids!”) the bride and I didn’t actually bowl because we only got one lane and I have a strict “if I’m going to bowl there best be bumpers” policy. But it was still a lot of fun. Really the only bad thing was the fact that there was a REALLY scary picture of Mickey Mouse on the wall. I didn’t like that.

After the bowling and socializing was done the bride and groom dropped my eighty year old self back off at their apartment and went off to their hotel for the night.

So day 7 was great! It was so nice to spend time with everybody after the wedding was done and there was no big to do list (don’t get me wrong. I love a good to do list, but this was nice and relaxing).

Tune in tomorrow Internet to hear about my journey home.


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