Wedding Week Recap Day 6 – Going to the Chapel


Hey Internet! It is finally here! Wedding Day recap!
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So wedding day started around 9 am… well I woke up around 7 because I was stressed we would over sleep (my brain is ultimately helpful and annoying in this respect.) And the bride woke up to a text at like 7:45, but 9 is when we all resigned ourselves to getting out of our cozy beds. We showered and dressed and got a nice brunch. Then we made a quick trip to bed bath and beyond for a mirror and a side socket (yeah. I bought a side socket. Don’t judge me internet. I have very specific socket needs in my bathroom and now they are being met! Plus! Bonus! It came in handy for all our hair curling products on wedding day!)

And then we went back to the hotel and started the getting ready process. The bride opted for no help or photographers for the getting ready, which was great because it gave us a nice chuck of girl time before we had to get the bestie off to the chapel.  So we did our hair and make up on our own (and by on my own I mean that the bride helped me with my hair, because I am seriously hopeless at doing hair. It’s bad guys. On the plus side, I can manage my make up pretty well.  I’m kind of an amateur make up hobbyist.  It relaxes me.) Anyway, we got ready with no big issues. We prettied ourselves up real good!

And then we got dressed and left. Let me just tell you – the dresses were great! The brides dress was her mother-in-law’s and it was updated and altered and turned out beautiful. And our dresses where the shiz! They were red and had pockets and you could wear a regular bra with them! (And all the former bridesmaids in the world said “Amen!” (I was going to make a joke here about how this was the moment any men reading my blog decided that this blog was too girly for them, but then I remembered the post about my womanhood and decided that ship sailed a long long time ago)).

What a beautiful day

What a beautiful day

Anyway, we got to the church a little late, but it doesn’t really count because bride time is really the only time that counts on wedding day. And the bride and groom did their first look pictures and then took some more pictures then we joined for pictures and then the bride and groom took more pictures. It was positively balmy for a January wedding in Denver and we didn’t even need our earmuffs but we wore them anyway – because BALLIN’.  And I think there are going to be a lot of great pictures, but the photographer is not done finagling them, so we will have to wait patiently. She has released a sample though:

How. Cute. Is. That??!!? Photography by Sarah Roshan find her at

How. Cute. Is. That??!!?
Photography by Sarah Roshan find her at


Then we went to the church and had a snacky-poo before the wedding. This is the moment I became obsessed with glutino gluten free pretzels (a problem because they are $8 a bag) and Hope Spicy Avocado Hummus (A problem because the nearest retailer of Hope Hummus is 400 miles away from me) and then it was wedding time!

The wedding was beautiful! And I somehow managed to not cry – a huge feat because I was pretty sure I was going to cry as soon as it started. And then I was worried because I had my handkerchief in my pocket, but I had the bride’s garter in my other pocket (It kept falling down during pictures so she had me put it in my pocket. It’s not weird at all) and I was worried that I would get caught up in the wedding and accidentally reach into the wrong pocket and then I’d be dabbing my eyes with the garter and THEN it’d be weird. But I didn’t cry! I also (and by “I” I actually mean the entire bridal party) forgot to go stand in front again after the whole sitting-down portion of the ceremony. (We had ONE JOB!) But it was ok and everything else was perfect, so I’d say all around it was a pretty perfect wedding.

Then it was off to the reception which was at Maggiano’s. A note to Brides – Maggiano’s pulls off a GREAT reception! They had rented a room in back and there was a dance floor and a bar and the food was SO MUCH BETTER than typical wedding food and it was just really lovely.

We ate and drank and were merry! At one point I may have had the following drinks in front of me simultaneously: Water, champagne, white wine, a Shirley temple. What? No judgment internet!

And then we danced! The dancing really got started when the ring bearer went to the middle of the dance floor and had a serious photo shesh. That kid LOVES the camera. Turns out he also loves dancing. He spent the entire night going around to every woman in the reception and holding his hands up until they picked him up and danced with him. All night this happened. It was adorable. At 11 his parents decided it was time to take him home and he started crying “NO! I WANNA DAAANCE!!!” The kid is amazing folks.

There was dancing, dancing and more dancing. Then there was a delicious desert, the bouquet toss and the garter toss. The bouquet toss may have maybe taken a few crystals off of Maggiano’s chandelier. I can neither confirm nor deny that accusation. Then there was some more dancing. It was a great night.

Dancing. Like a bunch of bosses.

Dancing. Like a bunch of bosses.

I think I may have gotten a slight reputation as a total creeper during the reception. The bride’s dress kept coming unbustled and I kept coming up behind her like “don’t mind me. Don’t mind me. Just keep dancing. I’m just going to bustle this.  I’m not here. I am not here. I – stupid acrylic nails! – Almost got it. Almost got it! GOT IT!” This probably happened twenty times. I learned a lesson: The good thing about an easy to bustle dress is that it is easy to bustle (Relatively. Acrylic nails do make it harder) The bad thing about an easy to bustle dress is that it is also easy to unbustle. So when you are busting a move, your move is unbustling your dress.  So I had that creepery going for me.

If you ever want to feel like a creeper, come up behind someone and mess with the clothing around their butt every 20 minutes…. Actually don’t. At a wedding that is called being a bridesmaid. Anywhere else that is call harassment and/or assault… But weddings are a special bonding times for friends. Wedding dresses were scientifically designed to break down all remaining boundaries between girlfriends. From getting them into the dress to bustling it an indeterminate amount of times to holding it while they pee, the wedding dress is meant to show you if you picked the right people to be in your wedding party.  The last wedding I was in, after a hot outdoor photo shesh, the maid of honor literally ended up IN the skirt of the bride’s dress to do a sweat-induced skirt adjustment. These are the memories blogs are made for. (Also, I’m not complaining. I knew what I was signing up for. Frankly, this story is making the blog more interesting.)

So there was that.

After the reception me and a bridesmaid and groomsmaid packed up their car and they dropped me off at the bride and groom’s place. The bride and groom were staying in the suit from the bridesmaid sleepover and I was staying at their place with their dog, whom I love. We unpacked the car and I ate some reception leftovers and peanut butter and tried to muster up the energy to wash my face and take my dress off. The fact that I didn’t sleep in my full bridesmaids get up is a miracle for the Lord Jesus above. I was le tired.

And then I passed out from the exhaustion.

And that was wedding day internet!! It was great!

Now we still have 2 days left of Wedding Week Recap, because there is no way I am leaving you without the story of my trip home!

So tune in tomorrow internet! I’ll be here.

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