Wedding Week Recap Day 5 – Rehearsaling

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It’s Wedding Week Recap Day 5! Can you believe I have made it all the way to Day 5? Me. Either. If you want a recap you can find:

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Day 5 of Wedding Week was Rehearsal day! It was all very exciting.

The MOH and I started by having a chill morning with some coffee and some working out (on her part) and some Bible Study (on mine). I put the finishing touches on the bouquets for that night (made of tissue paper because there was a serious lack of ribbons on the shower gifts) and then we ran some errands.

I think they turned out well.

I think they turned out well.


I'm really proud of how the bride's turned out.

I’m really proud of how the bride’s turned out.


We went to the Whole Foods for some wedding day snacks and because the MOH is super healthy and works for a health foods company and is basically a Whole Foods Baller. And then we went to Ulta because I realized that I don’t own water proof mascara and that could be a problem for the wedding crying.

Since I never have waterproof mascara, I wasn’t sure what brand would be good so I asked a sales girl and she said “You want to buy this one. It is the best. It’s called Cannonball by Urban Decay. I went snorkeling in this. It is seriously so good.”

… She went snorkeling in it internet!!! My first reaction was WHO wears mascara snorkeling?!? My second reaction was “Seriously? Snorkeling? It didn’t run? I’ll take it!”…. Which makes me think that the answer to my first question is: A sales girl who knows how to sell the crap out of waterproof mascara.

So I bought a $20 tube of mascara, and I do actually really like it! I’m gonna wear it next time I snorkel! Since I am such an avid snorkeler!*

Anyway, after we ran the errands we met up with the bride and the other bridesmaid and smushed all of our wedding stuff into the MOH’s car and went to check into the hotel for the bridesmaid sleepover and the getting wedding ready.

This is where the HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MY DAD goes. HUGE. Because he booked this room using his air miles and this room was HUGE. And awesome. And amazing. and HUGE. It was a junior suite corner room at the Sheraton in downtown Denver and it was great! Like bridesmaids doing cartwheels in the room great. Like the bride jumping on the bed great. Just… great.

So we unpacked a bit and then headed over to the rehearsal. It was my first ever Catholic wedding so some rehearsal was definitely in order because I wasn’t quite sure about the whole standing then sitting then standing thing. So we rehearsed and everybody spent a good deal of time playing with the ring bearer who was the cutest little ginger you ever did meet. It was a good time.

Then we headed over to Chili’s for the dinner portion of the evening (old roommate will be SUPER jealous when she hears the dinner was at Chili’s. Just a fun fact for you internet.)  We had dinner and the bridal party section of the table decided to get some margaritas. Here’s the problem internet. My favorite margarita at Chili’s comes in an obscenely large glass and makes the drinker look like a raging alcoholic. So then I was torn between “get my favorite drink at Chili’s because its delicious” or “get a regular old margarita and NOT look like an alcoholic.”

 ….yeah… I chose raging alcoholic…. Opps…

….yeah… I chose raging alcoholic…. Opps…

But then the bride saw and got one too, because real friends don’t let friends look like they have a drinking problem alone. Did I mention she is the best? Because she is.

I kibnd of just really love this picture a lot.

I kibnd of just really love this picture a lot.


After dinner we went to whole foods and picked up some pints of ice cream and Barnes and Noble for some chat packs (literally just packs of questions. They are great fun. The bestie and I used to go to our favorite coffee shop in Orlando and get coffee and do chat pack questions. Cherished memories for sure.). Then we went to the hotel  and put on our bridal pjs and put on Sex and the City and ate ice cream and answered questions. It was magic.

And that was the day before the wedding! Tune in tomorrow for Wedding Week Day 6, or as I like to call it WEDDING DAY!

See you tomorrow  Interet!


*I am not an avid snorkeler. The last time I went snorkeling I got a horrible headache because the water kept splashing into my tube thing-y and I wasn’t getting enough oxygen and then my 2 snorkeling buddies left me even though the NUMBER ONE RULE OF SNORKELING is never leave your buddy!!  I’m not bitter at all.**

**I’m a little bitter.


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