Wedding Week Recap – Day 3 – The Time I Almost Set Myself on Fire… Twice…

Hey Internet! It’s Day 3! We are doing this! If you missed the first two days of my Wedding Week Recap (I realize this title makes it sound like I got married… I did not…it was the bestie… but I like alliteration… Deal with it.) You can find Day 1 here and Day 2 here.

Now Day 3 was special because Day 3 was New Year’s Eve and the MOH was kind enough to host a part with the Bride and Groom, the bride’s family and a few friends. (Seriously. The MOH is a super hero. Did I mention she gave up her couch for me to sleep on all week? Super. Hostess. Hero.) Anyway, the day was spent shopping and cooking and cleaning (a tiny bit. Her house was so clean we really didn’t need to do anything) and getting our nails did. (I got acrylics because I love them but I am too poor (and let’s be honest – lazy) to keep up with them throughout the year, plus they DESTROY your real nails, which is kind of sad (but let’s be real my nails aren’t in all that great of shape to begin with so that is really ok.) So Acrylics are only for super special occasions (weddings, graduations ect.) But I love them….Sorry… Nail soliloquy over…)

Anyhow, because the MOH and I make a beastly team, (Seriously. You want something done? Call us. We will get it done. Like beasts.) we got all of our stuff done super quickly. We made this crockpot curry which was AMAZING and she taught me her super-duper Fireside Coffee Mix recipe, which is AMAZING. Seriously. I am addicted. I made it as soon as I got home. The MOH is gluten-free and dairy-free and has a pretty awesome gluten free blog and a gluten-free dairy-free version of the recipe can be found here. But if you don’t have those dietary restrictions you can just get regular non-dairy powered creamer and regular “just add water” hot chocolate and make your own. It’s so easy! Go make it! Are you going? Go. Right now. I will wait.




Welcome back!! Isn’t it the most delicious thing you have ever dranken? I know it is!

Anyway, after we made all the food and did the tiny bit of cleaning we decided to go out and light the awesome fire pit the MOH has in her back yard. It’s this super classy rock fire pit with a super fancy easy start button… that was broken… So what we had to do was turn on the gas and light it by hand… Yeah… This may be when we became decidedly less beastly…Still beastly!…Just… less so…

The first step was to turn on the gas, which is easier said than done. You have to take this super long stick and put it in this hole and get it to catch on something and then turn it. (There is a dirty joke in there somewhere, but this is a classy blog and I am a classy lady, so you choose whatever joke you want and tell it to yourself now. You’re welcome.) So we struggled with that for a bit, but did finally get the gas to turn on… at which point we promptly turned it off again because we were NOT ready to light our faces on fire, which we were pretty sure was the next step. But we plucked up our courage got into prime fleeing and/or stop-drop-and-rolling position and turned the gas back on.

And then we exploded.

No. I’m kidding.  Actually we lit it, but the flame was so big we accidentally turned the gas off again and had to relight it, giving ourselves not one but two prime exploding opportunities. Because we are good at fire.* But the fire was lit and we were almost ready for the party!

So we went inside and did some final tidying and stood around looking pretty… Since we are such beasts we had gotten done early (something that NEVER happens when I host a party, by the way. If you show up on time be prepared to be handed a spoon, or a jar of salsa, or a table cloth. It is just going to happen.) and we decided to go outside and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

No sooner had we pulled up chairs to the fire pit, when the wind picked up and we literally almost burst into flame.

This is when I gave up on the fire pit.

The rest of the night went by relatively fire-hazard free. At one point the men folk went out to see the fire pit and I hear tell (I had NO INTEREST in joining them) that there were a few close calls that time as well. But nothing caught fire and the food was delicious and we had a mini Christmas gift exchange and we watched the ball drop and we all ate 12 grapes at midnight. (Apparently this is a thing. The bestie and her family do it every year. They also hold their wallets and drink some champagne. (side-note: your hands get a bit full at midnight. (side-side-note: so does your stomach! 12 grapes do not sound like a lot, but when eaten quickly they will make you FULL)))

And that was Day 3!  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end 2013 and welcome in the New Year – fire pit scares and a grape-induced stomach ache aside it was for sure one of my favorite New Year’s Eves!

Stop by tomorrow for Day 4 Internet!!


*Footnote: We are not good at fire.

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