It is Never Too Late to Celebrate Christmas And Wedding Week Recap Day 1!!

Hey Internet!

How are you this fine Sunday Evening? Getting excited for te Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler on the Golden Globes tonight? Or are you more into Downton Abbey? I have my DVR set to record both personally, however I need to catch up from last week’s Downton first. I was trapped in an airport, but that’s a story for later this week.

Today is for stories of Christmas and wedding week!

Since I am determined to write about Christmas and Wedding Week (I know. I waited too long. Deal with it.) I have decided to do a Christmas Recap today and also start blogging daily, with a story from each day of wedding week. Which means my goal is to write  one blog each day until next Sunday. Think I can do it internet? Yeah, me either. But I am going to try!!

So – Christmas!

Christmas is a joyous season filled with joyous celebrations and delicious Starbucks flavors! There are way too many Christmas stories to tell, so I am going to make like its Friday and do a list of Five Christmas Favs. – I hope you like Five Things Fridays Internet, because I clearly can’t get enough. I think it is my writing spirit harking back to the good old terrible terrible middle school days of the five paragraph essays. But this is even better (for me) because with a list you don’t have to worry about transitions! Plus I have a bad case of the math brain, so list blogs make more sense in my head space. You’re welcome Internet. You. Are. Welcome.

Here we go!

  1.  CHRISTMAS DAY OF FUN! – This year a few friends from bible study (and one friend from high school) and I went downtown for a DAY OF FUN! We chose one of the coldest weekends to go (however after recent weather patterns (read: POLAR VORTEX) in hind sight it seems positively balmy) but we stuck it out and had an AMAZING adventure.

    We started out with church in the city. We got there half an hour early AND THEY WERE PLAYING CHARLIE BROWN’S CHRISTMAS!!!! Guys. It was THE BEST.

    How cool is that?!?!

    How cool is that?!?!

    Once Church was over,  it was off to Starbucks to get some warmth in us before heading to the Christkindlemarket. This is one of my all time favorite Christmas traditions. There are little stores and German food and a candy palace and fruits dipped in chocolate and a fire pit surrounded by cold pigeons who are going to catch fire one year. These pigeons are playing with fire (literally) and one year they are gonna get burned. That’s all I’m saying. The Christkindlemarket is wonderful and delicious and amazing and wonderful and SO CHRISTMASY. I love it so so much. If you are ever in Chicago between Thanksgiving and Christmas you need to go to there. You will thank me.

    After that we stopped by Macy’s to see the tree in the Walnut Room and then headed over to the Music Box Theater to see White Christmas. This is going to have to be a new tradition because it was so much fun! It is a sing along and everyone is so super Christmasy! Next time I wat to try to do the double feature of It’s a Wonderful life and White Christmas. Totally worth it.

    Next we headed over to Lincoln Park Zoo and saw the zoo lights! They were pretty impressive (not as impressive as Disney’s Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights, but still pretty impressive)

    Do these or do these not look like Zebra Gum Zebras?

    Do these or do these not look like Zebra Gum Zebras?

    And then we decided we were too cold to continue living and headed back home.

  2. Christmas Party! This year we had another ugly sweater party, and it was wonderful! We wore ugly Christmas sweaters and decorated cookies and did a white elephant gift exchange and it was a lot of fun! Especially exciting was the fact that 2 of my best friends from elementary school got to come! I love these girls, but we are spread out around the country so it is a very special treat when I get to see them!
    I made a Marie Antoinette cookie!!!

    I made a Marie Antoinette cookie!!!

    I made an Eeyore Gingerbread (Graham Cracker) House!

    I made an Eeyore Gingerbread (Graham Cracker) House!

  3. Christmas Eve Eve Dinner. Usually my dad’s family does Christmas Eve together, but this year schedules got complicated and we ended up doing Christmas Eve Eve Dinner. It was a lot of fun because a) there was a puppy there and b) the food was good. There was a slight oven mishap and later that night my dad and step mom somehow managed to buy an oven over the phone and have it delivered the NEXT DAY. They are super heroes over there. I have never seen anybody buy a major appliance so fast. It was awesome.

    The Puppy and Me!!

    The Puppy and Me!!

  4. Christmas Eve – Christmas Eve was super fun! Because my family’s dinner got moved around I got to get a sushi lunch with a friend from high school and have dinner with my elementary/high school BFF. She’s off being a big Navy deal most of the time and I hadn’t seen her since our bubble wrap adventures, so getting to see her and play catch phrase with her family was a really nice treat. Totally worth the hour drive to my grandparents in the snow at 10 pm. Totally totally worth it.
  5. Christmas Day!! Christmas Day was great. We had a traditional (or us) breakfast of eggs and tea rings and opened presents then had Christmas Lunch and then I took a nap and had some great family time. The we drove home and watched Meet Me in St. Louis. It was wonderful. Especially the nap. We all know how much I miss naps.

    The Christmas Feast!

    The Christmas Feast!

    I Frackin' love this movie. Tootie is my Spirit Animal.. Seriously. Love her.

    I Frackin’ love this movie. Tootie is my Spirit Animal.. Seriously. Love her.

    And an Added Bonus (Clearly I don’t know what “five” means.):

  6. New Christmas Bed!! One really exciting thing was that I got a new bed for Christmas! This is exciting because my old bed was a twin bed that was OLDER THAN I AM. Seriously. My mattress came from my grandparents basement y’all. MY GRANDPARENTS BASEMENT. I am now the VERY HAPPY owner of a full size pillow top mattress and I am so so excited about it! Thanks Dad!!!


It's a thing of beauty

It’s a thing of beauty

So there’s that!

Now for Day one of Wedding Week Recap!

I think how I am going to do this is go through my trip daily and give any highlights or funny stories from the corresponding day. I left on Sunday, exactly 2 weeks ago,  so it will be nice and convenient for my brain workings.

Anyhoo, on Sunday I woke up and got all set to finish packing – when I realized that I did not have the proper luggage for my trip. See, the problem internet was that I had to carry on my dress because ain’t no way I was going to check that ish. No. Way. So I had planned on checking 2 suitcases but with all the christmas gifts and bridal gifts and hair curlers and wedding shoes that I had to take with me I needed two large suitcases. Turns out, I only had one because apparently I have a problem with breaking suitcases.

SO the day started out with a trip to the luggage section of TJMaxx. After that it was all smooth sailing. I finished packing, got to the airport, got through security and got on a plane.

And then the woman in the seat next to me turned to me and said “I know its tight, but could you move over a little bit?”

Now there are three hings I want to point out about this. 1) We were not even off the ground yet. 2) I WASN’T EVEN USING THE ARMREST. So this was kind of a ridiculous request. 3) She was in an aisle seat, so she had PLENTY OF ROOM on her other side. But because I am way too timid I ended up making myself as small as possible. It was an uncomfortable two hours.

But it was all worth it because we landed and my luggage wasn’t lost and my bestie and I went to the maid of honor’s house (who was kind enough to host me all week) and had a Thai food and girls night. And boy howdy do I love me some Thai food and girls night!!

So there’s that internet. I’ll be back tomorrow. Now I am very tired and tomorrow is Monday so I am going to hit the hay.

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  1. Marcie, the bestest says:

    You totally should have said something to that lady on the airplane. I don’t know if it’s because I follow this body blog on Tumblr and I’m filled with righteous indignation, but you should have said, “The seats are small and no, I cannot move over a little bit. You may have to settle for the arm rest.” And then enjoyed your two hour plane ride the same way she did.

    What a little tart.

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