My Christmas List – An Experiment

Hey internet!!!

Two blogs in as many days?!? What is happening?!?

Christmastime is happening!!!

Today at work we started decorating for Christmas and, as if I wasn’t  already, it really got me in the holiday spirit!!!

What with Thanksgiving (Yes. You still totally can celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas simultaneously!!) and Christmas approaching, I have been thinking a lot about gifts.

I am a gift girl. I love gifts. Gifts are my game. In particular, giving gifts.  Not to brag or anything, but I give a mean gift. Gifts are my love language – it’s how I show people I care. Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays or just me thinking you could use a good care package, I bring it. If you are wondering where it is, it has been broughten by me.

So, as you can imagine, I am in gift acquiring full swing over here. And I love it!

But Christmas means more than just giving gifts. A) It is an important Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus and B) it means writing a Christmas list.

B is where I struggle. I am great at thinking of what other people want or need, but when it comes to asking for things I run into issues. For one thing I haven’t fully mastered the whole “Don’t buy it now – ask for it for Christmas!” thing,… I may have a shopping problem Internet…. But it’s also because I don’t really need much. I have what I need, and while I can certainly point out things in a store that I would be all over (see: shopping problem) When it comes to making a list, I feel kind of silly asking for anything,

But recently, a few things have really been put on my heart that I do want. I want to be able to support the people I love in some exciting endeavors.

As part of my love of gift giving, I am a big fan of kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns, as well as supporting my friends on mission trips and on Cru staff. (If you want to know how Cru has affected my life, read this. It was a huge part of my college career and also of my becoming a Christian.) I love supporting these causes because: a) it gives me the warm fuzzies, b) it makes me say “Dang it feels good to be a gangsta” (and yes. You really should sing a (maybe slightly cleaned up) version of that song ANYTIME you give to a good cause) and c) I think of it as a kind of gift giving and, as we established, that is one of my favorite things.

So this year, as my Christmas List, I am asking anyone who may be reading this who is planning on giving me a Christmas gift to please give to an awesome cause instead. And then tell me about it! That is what I want for Christmas! To hear about you giving to a cause with me in mind.

Now, I do feel incredibly presumptuous assuming that those of you who are reading this may be giving me a Christmas present, but a large portion of my family reads this blog and I have a feeling some of them may just be planning on giving me something. So if you weren’t going to give me a present – that’s fine! I still like you because you are reading this and that means you visited my blog and that means I will see it in my site stats and seeing that even  a few people read this gives me the warm fuzzies, so you just gave me a Christmas present without even knowing it!!! But, if you were going to give me something and are into this idea, I do have a few causes in mind. These are a few things that are close to my heart – but don’t feel limited by that!

  1. This one is of a time sensitive nature. It is an indiegogo campaign run by my friend with less than a week left, and is one that I am super excited to tell you about! But first, a story:

    Once upon a time, when I lived in Orlando my bestie had a job hosting a travel show. She would go off to shoot it and come back with magical tales of the producers of the show – a husband and wife duo who, according to my bestie, were the nicest people on the face of the Earth. Clearly I was a bit jealous that I never met the nicest people on the face of the Earth, but then as my time in Orlando was coming to an end, I got to meet them! And they were super amazing!! And then I promptly left the state. I became facebook friends with the nicest people on Earth, but figured I would probably never get a chance to bask in their niceness.

    However, sometimes miracles happen and, after my bestie left Florida, I was searching for a couch to crash on during a visit to my Mickey Mouse. And the wife portion of the nicest couple on the face of the Earth WHO I HAD ONLY MET ONCE offered to let me stay with them. I was super excited because I would finally be able to bask in their niceness (and they had the coolest cat in the entire world. Binx hadn’t been born yet.) I mean seriously. Look. At. This. Cat.

    Best Cat

    So I went down to Florida and stayed with the nicest people on the face of the earth and they were even nicer than I had expected. They gave up their bed and slept on an air mattress and would not listen to my protestations that that was NOT necessary and how could I do that and No. Seriously. I will take the air mattress. Or the couch. The couch is fine!….. I ended up sleeping in their bed. Because they are just TOO NICE.

    Anyway, short story long the nicest couple on the face of the Earth instantly became some of my favorite people in the world, who coincidentally are COMPLETELY BRILLIANT on top of being way too nice. And in their brilliance, the husband portion of the nicest couple on Earth has written a Christmas children’s book!! I for one am looking forward to having kids JUST SO I CAN READ THEM THIS BOOK! The indiegogo campaign is to hire an illustrator and fund the other important parts of publishing a book that I know nothing about.

    You can find out all about the project here.

    Act fast! The campaign is almost over! An how could you not want to support the daddy of this cat?

    Seriously. This Cat Though.

    Seriously. This Cat Though.

  1. A friend of mine from my Bible Study is preparing to embark on the World Race – an 11 month, 11 country mission trip which is hard core intense. To go on this trip she has to raise a boat load of support, because traveling to 11 countries is dang expensive. She will be doing some AMAZING things on this trip and I am SO. FLIPPIN’. EXCITED. To see the amazing things she will be doing. If you are interested in hearing about what she is doing, and if you could spare anything to put towards her trip, you can read her blog and support her here.
  1. As I mentioned above (and here) Cru, a college ministry, was a HUGE part of my life in college. I have a number of good friends who are now on staff with Cru and therefore have to raise support for their salary. This process can be super scary, but also so awesome to see how generous people can be.

    One of my friends in particular is currently raising support to serve at Indiana University. I was in a Bible study with her for 3 years, and she never failed to put a smile on my face and to love me well as a friend. I don’t have a fancy link for her (truth be told – I did not ask any if these people if I could talk about them on my blog. I’m THAT blogger.) But if you are interested in hearing more about her job with Cru at IU shoot me a comment or email ( – my blog has an email y’all!)  and I will hook you up with her deets!

    What? We Went to U of I. There were barn dances.

    What? We Went to U of I. There were barn dances.

Now, because I like giving gifts so much, if you are excited about any of these causes (or if there is another cause that you are passionate about – aide for the Philippines comes to mind) and if you end up giving to one of them, let me know and I will send you a) a thank you note for being an awesome human being and b) your choice of one of the following:

  1. A warm fuzzies package. To make you feel all warm and fuzzy.
  2. A “Dang It Feels Good to be a Gangsta” cross stitch. I don’t have an example of that phrase, but if you want proof of my cross stitching abilities you can find them here.
  3. A “These are a few of my favorite things” package. In which I send you some of my favorite things.

The packages won’t be huge, just a small gift-y to show my appreciation for doing something awesome and supporting a worthy cause. I’ve never done anything like this before, so depending on feedback and participation I will be able to let you know when to expect said gift-ys (probably not before Christmas, but we will see).

Anyway internet, what do you think? Do you think we can make a little difference? Because that would seriously be a dream come true for me.

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    Awww, you’re so sweet. <3

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