It’s Like Tetris… For Grown Ups!

Anybody ever end up in their room with 2 suitcases on the floor and one on the bed going “but how does it fit?!?” Just me? Awesome.

The good news: I’m down to 2 suitcases and it’s all fitting!!! The bad news: I have to give my bags to the airlines again.

Before July this wouldn’t have been a problem. But in July my bags went missing for 3 days and now I am scared.

Anyone out there have happy “my luggage was fine” stories so I feel less scared?

I’ll start: up until this past July I never had a problem with my checked bags, so it should be nothing to worry about.

Your turn!

Aaaaaand go Internet!

Ps: I’d post a picture, but my room is too fraught with unwrapped gifts. It’s not safe.

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