Confessions of a Wedding Planning Intern

Hey Internet!
You know how last week we had Labor Day so we really only had a four day week and everyone just ran around the office going “Four day week! Four day week! Four day week!”
…Oh… was I just me? Ok…
 Anyway, I learned something this weekend. And that is that you don’t really  get a four day week if you have to be at work at 8 AM on a Saturday. You especially don’t get a four day week if you then have to go to your internship that night for a rehearsal dinner and then again on Sunday for a wedding.
In fact, if you do those things, instead of a four-day week you basically just get an 11 day week…. Which is significantly less sleepy nice.
Don’t get me wrong, it was a good weekend but I am TIRED Internet.  (Wanna talk tired? I just accidental typed ‘tited’… It was almost very unfortunate…)
Anyway, I love love love working events it is a lot of fun and I think I am really in my element.  But lest you think it is super glamorous, let me share a few communications/facebook statuses from this weekend:
That sunglasses face is supposed to say “B)” Stupid Facebook.
PS. The answer is D.

Clearly I am having fun with my photo editing app.

There is so much I could share with you Internet, but I  hesitant to share too many details. I love the woman I work with and she works very hard to give her brides and grooms amazing events and she does an great job of it. I don’t want to undermine that by sharing the behind the scenes details.
 But oh. The stories. They are good. I hope that these tiny glimpses are enough to make you smile (or be completely grossed out. That lemon juice thing really happened guys. Aren’t you glad I have no shame and share these things on the Internet?)
How was your weekend Internet? Did you get a real one?

I’m going to go program my coffee maker now so I have coffee tomorrow when I wake up. Then I am going to sleep. So good.

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