Five Things – It’s Actually Friday Edition!

Hey Internet!!

It’s actually Friday and I have a Five Things Friday to share with you: this week edition!!

1) This conversation at the gym:

Friend: Ow, by the way.
Me: Haha ow by the way. Did you say ow by the way?
Friend: A little bit.

2) OFFICE FORT! I got an office this week and yesterday at lunch I put the old boxes I’ve been hoarding to good use for OFFICE FORT! My old roommate tells me this is not a real fort, but she can suck it. SUCK IT OLD ROOMMATE… I love you… Deep deep in my heart…

There Old Roommate! I labeled it so you know what it is!! Also, That is my office seal.

3) Old roommate and I went to Best Buy and I was looking at a fancy camera with a fancy view finder that I could not figure out how to work for the life of me:

Me: How do I see? Help!
Old Roommate: Well… First you have to take the lens cap off…
Me: Oh… But I still can’t see! How do I make this work?!? Help!
Old Roommate: You are pathetic.
Me: How to make work?!? How to make see?!? I want to go to there!!!

My Old Roommate totally made it work…

4) Target tried to kill me. I found some beautiful earrings on clearance for the bestie’s wedding:

So Much Pretty

 I was all set to check out, when I decided to actually read the tags hanging off of them. This is what I read:

What the what?!?!

Target tried to kill me y’all!! They wanted me to put these INSIDE OF MY BODY!!!

The woman at the check out totally understood when I said I didn’t want to take the earrings. She actually compared the situation to Chernobyl.

The Target Lady totally understands me.

5) PUMPKIN SPICE M&M’S!!!!! They are here. They are amazing. They make me want to stuff them ALL IN MY MOUTH. Delicious.

So that’s that Internet. How was your Friday?

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