The First Blogiversary is the Unicorn Blogiversay!!

Hello Internet!

It’s my blogiversary!

I started my blog one year ago today!

I’ve already reviewed the goals I set in my first post, but I thought it would be fun to do another list of goals I would like to achieve this next year.

So what seems important to me at this juncture in my life Internet?

These are just some of my “to read” pile….
 I may have a problem..
  1. Read more magazines – Yup. Goal #1 is about magazines. I am a grown up. But I have 3 subscriptions to my favorite magazines and I never make time to read them. I currently have 4 giant piles of magazines in my bookshelves that I still need to read. I want to make it through these piles.
  2.  Read more books – I like books. A lot. But whenever I get busy my books are the first things to go out the window. I want to read 2 books a month. This sounds easy, but it may not be. I’m not a fast reader and I’ve already cut out around 80% of my tv watching because I am so busy with life, so I don’t know where I am going to find the time. But I want to! Goal!
  3. Have more consistent quiet times – I want to spend more time reading my Bible and journaling and growing in my walk with The Lord… hmm… reading seems to be a theme…
  4.  Be more present in social situations – I want to work on keeping my phone put away and just being present with my friends. I’m not the worst offender when it comes to this,  but I could definitely use some work. I hate that I am contributing to the rudeness sensation that is sweeping the nation. So if we are ever hanging out internet and I’m all up on my phone, feel free to smack me. But please don’t smack my phone. I can’t handle another broken phone crisis.
  5. Wear more lipstick – Yup. This is totally silly, but these are my goals and they can be as silly as I want them to be!! I am discovering that I kind of love lipstick, which I never used to wear because I was super timid about it and always thought if I wore bright colors it would draw attention and people would be like “Who does she think she is with that lipstick? Does she really think she could pull that off? Psh.” and then they totally judge me. But now I’m thinking that I can totally pull off fun lipstick and screw those imaginary people who are judging me, and lets be honest no one really cares if I’m wearing chapstick or bright red lip stick, so I might as well just wear what I want to and own it. So actually, this goal is all about confidence and not silly at all! Plus I have a lot of lipstick that I’ve gotten for free over the years, so I want to use it more.
  6.  Decrease my eligibility for the show Hoarders by 50% – I am getting better, but I still want to hoard less. This means a lot of donating should be in my future. This makes me happy. And also worried that  am going to discover how bad my hoarding actually is.
  7. Get the rest of my mom’s house clean – this will help in the hoarding initiative and will also ease any moving-out guilt I may feel in the future. The scary part is that the only real room left to organize is the basement and that is going to take flipping forever, plus its dark and icky down there and I’m pretty sure we don’t have rodents, but if we did they would be in my basement and what if I find a mouse or the hamster that I lost the day we moved in and how long would it take a hamster body to decompose and would my cats have eaten it by now and would I just find a giant pile of hamster bones and I can’t handle finding a dead hamster so how am I supposed to clean the basement?!?! Congratulations internet. You now know what it is like to be in my head.(Also, we moved into this house when I was in 6th grade. I am STILL afraid of finding my dead hamster. I don’t think I know how biology works.)
  8.  Watch the monies – to feel moving out guilt one needs to be able to afford to move out at some point in their lives. It would be nice to be in a place financially where I could move out if I wanted to/if I could bring myself to break my mother’s heart like that.
  9. Be organized in my life – use my new calendar, keep my room and bathrooms as pretty as they are right now, don’t re-become a complete and utter mess all of the time. Make more lists. I fracking love lists.
  10. Be a good bridesmaid for the bestie – this is a shorter term goal because the wedding is in January, but I want to make sure I stay on top of my bridesmaidly duties and help her out in the wedding planning department. This also involves breaking in my new wedding heels so I don’t bleed from the feet at the wedding. Also: buy a pair of black glitter toms for the reception because who am I kidding, even with breaking in the heels I will be bleeding from the feet by the end of the night. Look into getting a foot transplant. That could help.
  11. Blog approximately once a week – this is a goal. Not a promise. But I’m going to try. Please have grace with this because I’m sure there will be some failures on my part, but also feel free to hold me accountable.
  • Take pictures of my room and bathroom and post them already! Dangit Liz!
  • Proof read better. Really. It’s just kind of shameful. I do try internet, I am just REALLY BAD at proof reading. Really. Really. Bad.
  • Work on my blog’s appearance. I like it, but I don’t love it. It could be prettier.

    ***Updated: I forgot these next two things originally. But they are important:
  • Work on my handwriting – I am a grown adult. My handwriting is kind of shameful. I’ve been working on it, and think it’s improving. So that’s good. I just want to keep that progress up.
  • Keep up with the teeth routine – I haven’t missed a day yet, so I want to keep that le going.

  • Anyway, that is what I have. Go hug a unicorn to celebrate this day! My BFF from elementary/high school sent me a birthday present this week and now I have SO MANY AMAZING UNICORN THINGS TO CELEBRATE WITH.

    I have the best friends.

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