Liz’s Fool-Proof Tips For Making Friends in College

Hello Internet!
It’s almost Friday which means its almost the weekend!!!!
This week thousands of college students went off to school, including my cousin!
My cousin is the first person I remember being born. And now she is a freshman in college. There is a good chance that I am old.
Anyway, since  am not THAT old, I remember going off to college for the first time and how scary that can be.
So for all those college freshman out there, I decided to put together a few Fool-Proof Tips for Making Friends in College:
  1. Room with a friend* who you should never ever ever live with. Make sure it is someone you bicker with all the time. A good sign is if all of your friends and family tell you it’s a HORRIBLE idea to live with this friend. Make no mistake, you love this friend deep in your heart… So deep in fact, that sometimes is buried so far down that you forget it’s there. But it is.
  2. Once you select this roommate, make sure your dorm room is no bigger than a 10 x 10 foot square. Now bring way too much stuff to college.
To give you an idea of how over crowded our room was, this is what I brought home for Christmas Break my freshman year. I know.


                      This intimate environment will help you to:
  1. Fight ALL THE TIME. A few fighting suggestions:
    1. Your roommate refuses to use headphones or turn off the lights at night when you are trying to sleep.
    1. You enjoy setting your alarm clock to Disney World Parade Music. At 8 am.
    1. Your roommate leaves things like CUPS OF MILK from the dining hall on YOUR desk for 3 FULL DAYS. Strangely, she will be the one to explode in this fight. Not you. Even though you have THREE DAY OLD MILK ON YOUR DESK. Side note: The milk will now be a solid mass. Your roommate will claim she can dump it down the sink. She totally won’t be able to.
    1. You insist on sleeping with the window open in January, but refuse to get out of bed in order to close it in the morning when the Disney music is playing.
    1. Your roommate insists on drying her hair at midnight in your room when you are tired and hormonal. Warning: This will actually make you cry. You may not be mentally stable.
    1. You enjoy doing your roommate’s hair like Cindy Loo Who while she is trying to study.
She will make this face A LOT
  1. Accidentally flash/grope your rommate of several different occassions. This will help cement your bond.
  2. Live with this same roommate in different combinations for no less than 5 semesters of your college career
  3. On the day you move into your freshman dorm, make sure the father of the girl who lives across the hallway stops you in the lobby in tears and asks you to check on his baby girl. Her roommate hasn’t shown up yet. Stand outside her room awkwardly for the next 3 days (while her door is open) and say nothing. Finally talk to her when your roommate yells at you for being a psycho-creeper.
  4. Go to the activity fair. Sing up for EVERYTHING. Then go to exactly 3 different meetings and decide you are just going to stick with this Cru** thing.
  5. Do your math homework with the same 2 people for 2 months. When one of them comes with his Cru bible study to ask your Cru bible study on a creative date (it’s a bible study thing. Don’t ask) introduce yourself to him and shake his hand. When he points out you are in the same math class and have been studying together for 2 months say “…Yes… Yes we have…” In your defense, he is wearing a hat, and that threw you off.
  6. Have your friend from 6th and 7th grade/enemy from 8th grade/girl who only hung out with you in high school to take advantage of your air conditioning transfer to your school your sophomore year. Have her sleep on your floor for a good long week. Re-bond.
  7. Agree to lead a Cru bible study and be assigned to lead with someone you have never met. Meet her and instantly become BFFs and never ever look back.
  8. When math-hat boy starts hanging out with you and your friends more, make sure you and your newly assigned BFF make him wash your dishes and make you grilled cheeses all the time. This will work out well for her because they will start dating after graduation. It will work out well for you because it turns out he makes a MEAN grilled cheese.
So there you have it. If it seems like my social life centered around Cru, that’s because it pretty much did. But that’s ok! If I could offer one real life tip it would be this: Find a group you love and get involved. Making friends isn’t a science, you find your friends in weird ways. But if you find the place you belong, it will be easy.
*Yes. I am still friends with this friend. We survived living together for 5 semesters and now have the kind of bond that comes from surviving a war together… Of course said war was us against each other, but it all worked out in the end.
**Cru stands for Campus Crusade for Christ and I love it a lot.
So internet, what strange ways did you find your friends in college?
Just to ensure that my former roomie and I have things to fight about until the end of time. According to facebook, she had lost my stress ball and I was making her retrieve it.

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