Baby Got BA: The Cooking Show Addition

Good Evening Internet!!
Today is what I have deemed “Get ‘er Done Day!” I have stayed in my pjs all day and not set foot out of the house and been totally productive and It. Has. Been. Awesome.
Part of Get ‘er Done Day has been actually cooking things – Something I totally love but haven’t had any time to do recently. This morning started with a pot of cherry coffee and some blueberry pancakes (WITH SPRINKLES!!!)
These were awesome because a) SPRINKLES and b) I made them using this bisquick shake and pour pancake mix, which was great because I, my dear internet, am lazy.
See the Sprinkles?!?!
Honestly my lazy cooking skills could have their own blog. I love cooking, but prep work is THE WORST. I dread it so much that sometimes I come home and am like “I want to cook something!!” and then I’m like “Nah. I would have to chop onions. Forget it.”
There is nothing so great as making something from scratch and tasting it and being like “Yes. I made this. And It. Is. Awesome.” It’s even better if there is someone there to force my delicacies on. Yep. I’m that cook who pushes a spoon into your face and interrogates you “Do you like it? Do you? Do you? Are you sure? Really? Awww… shucks…” I may also be THE WORST. Sorry friends. But! I would like to point out, that usually if I am shoving a spoon in your face, it is kind of delicious! Usually!
Anyhoo, back to pancakes. Pancakes and I have a strange relationship. First of all, I always make pancakes from a mix. (Again: Lazy. My Mom hates this. Whenever I’m like “I want to make pancakes, but we have no mix,” my mom is like “Why do you need a mix? Pancakes are so easy!! Just make them from scratch!” I never do.) and I only make them on lazy Saturday mornings when I plan on staying in and being productive. I wake up and say “I am going to get SO MUCH DONE today! I must start with pancakes!”
On these occasions I also MUST add something to the pancakes.  I never make plain pancakes straight from the box. At the very least I add some cinnamon. Today it was blueberries, which is pretty traditional, but I have also added weird stuff like peanut butter and cake mix. (both totally delicious by the way)
But then, after I make an entire batch of pancakes, I eat exactly 1.835 pancakes and leave the others on the counter all day, trying to pass them off on other people who may or may not take a few, and then I throw them away. It’s really shameful.
Enter this new shake and pour pancake mix.
Not only do I not have to dirty a bunch of dishes, but I can make however many pancakes as I want and then PUT THE REST OF THE MIX IN THE FRIDGE FOR UP TO 3 DAYS. This is perfect for me. I am totally going to make another 1.835 pancakes tomorrow before church. If I can get up that early.
Seriously. Such a Happy Breakfast.
After pancakes I did a lot of work around the house that I won’t bore you with, but I survived the rest of the day on these things called “Hi, I’m Skinny Sticks.” (Actually they are kind of delicious and aren’t as lame as they sound. They have this sweet onion flavor that rocks my face off)
I lasted until around dinner time when I decided to do the very grown up thing and make something I saw on pinterest.
Normally I avoid pinterest recipes because of the lazy, but this one looked really good (Plus you can make it in the microwave), so I tried it out.
It turned out So. Good. Go read that blog, cuz OMG so good.
I didn’t have heavy cream, and my cauliflower was more like a big head than a medium so I did 3 tablespoons each of 2% milk and Earth Balance Buttery Spread Sticks. I also used a mozzarella/provelone cheese mix, cuz that’s what was in my fridge. Plus I topped it off with my favorite spaghetti sauce, and I think that brought something to the party.
Add a glass of wine and an episode of Mad Men (on which  am grievously behind) and you’ve got a day bookended by two easy and delicious meals.
And a happy Liz.
I know this is way less pretty than the pinterest picture, because I devoured half of it and let it cool before thinking to take it, but it was still so good!
So what do you do on your Lazy Saturdays Internet?

***Ps. This is not a paid advertisement for Bisquick or Hi, I’m Skinny Sticks. But I will totally take some extra cash or free samples for it if they stumble upon this blog and want to give me a little sumptin’ sumptin’ 😉

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