I am too tired for full sentences.

Hello Internet!
It’s been about a week since we talked last, and boy what a week it was! It was filled with best friends and good food and Chicago and a completely impromptu road trip to St. Louis! It was also filled with almost a complete lack of the sleepy times.
But that’s what your early twenties are for right? Of course right!!The problem is I am a very old soul. Like in soul years I’m probably about 73. So this soul is tired! But it was totally worth it.
I don’t have the energy to make funny with the haha (really there isn’t a ton of funny haha stuff to tell. It was just a good old fashioned wonderful week.) But I had been doing so good about keeping up with blogging, that I wanted to post a quick update. (Plus later this week I have more teeth stories so get excited!! Or just get ready to feel superior for having such a better mouth than me. Because I promise you, you do.)
Anyhoo here is what my week looked like:
Monday: Get up, go to work, get off work, buy new phone (I got an iPhone 5 cuz my 4 was so sad and broken) go home, set up phone, pick up bestie and her fiancé from airport at 11:30, bed
Tuesday: Get up, go to work, get off work, drive to Chicago, go to Skydeck with bestie and her fiancé,  go to Gino’s East, go to Improv Olympics, go home at 1 am, crash. (In the sleepy time sense. Not the car accident sense. The Lord was looking out for me in the car driving times this week for sure.)
Wednesday: Get up, go to work and hour and a half early, get off work an hour and a half early, drive to Chicago, eat at the Berghoff, talk about how it would be fun to drive them to St. Louis and go to their engagement party instead of them flying, see Book of Mormon, bask in happy theater times, crash
Thursday: Get up, go to work and hour and a half early, find out you are totally going to do the road trip thing, get off work an hour and a half early, drive to Chicago, get on red line, go to Cubs game, get publicly shamed on facebook by your father for taking a cards fan (the bestie’s fiancé) to the cubs v. cards game, feel happy that the cubs win, feel sad for the bestie’s fiancé because he likes the cards so much, realize that if you ever admit that to your father you will probably be disowned, get on red line, drive home, have a drink with the bestie, do a tequila shot with the bestie and the father, have some good father- daughter bonding time before he reads your blog and totally disowns you, crash.
Friday: Get up, go to work, go home, pack, drive to St. Louis, get in at 12:30, crash.
Saturday: Get up, have pie and coffee for breakfast, go garage sale-ing, have lunch, rest, attend engagement party, have it be awesome, sleepy time.
Sunday: Get up, go to church, have lunch, go to craft store, chill for a while, drive back home, arrive at 9:30, crash.
I know this is kind of a boring/not in real sentences list, but it made for one of the best weeks I’ve had in a long time. There was a lot of fun to be had and really made me grateful to have such wonderful people in my life. Clearly I love my bestie (that’s why she is my bestie). Her fiancé is great too and so is his family.  This is the second time his family have welcomed me into their home — the first time they had never even met me before — and it’s just so crazy to me that I have so many loving and welcoming people in my life. It blows my mind and I thank God everyday for the people He has surrounded me with.
But now it is time to finish my glass of wine and brush my teeth and go to the sleepy times. I’ll be back later this week.
A picture from the week of fun!

How are you doing internet?

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