Sometimes You Forget You Have a Blog, and Sometimes You Don’t Forget and Are Just Too Lazy/Tired to Write Posts.

Oh hey internet! I totally forgot you were there!

Just kidding! I didn’t forget about you! How could I forget about the imaginary totally real people that possibly hypothetically totally read my internet diary blog!

I do have a totally valid excuse for not writing anything in forever though! I’m super lazy… wait… that’s not a valid excuse at all!… oops…

But in all seriousness, I have been pretty busy being awesome doing some pretty amazing things!

Here is a list of things that I have been doing instead of internetting for you:

1) Working. Which is actually way sweeter than it sounds. Everybody I work with is pretty awesome, so that makes for a fun work day! And we totally have don’t have Tequila Fridays. And we definitely didn’t have Tequila Thursday today… That would be totally ridiculous… and by ridiculous I mean awesome… It is would be totally awesome.

2) Seeing my 3 best long distance friends in the world in the course of 1 week. It. Was. Epic.

Remember when I told you that 2 of my best friends moved to Denver and it was sad because it was far away from Chicago? Well I totally got to go to Denver and see both of them 3-ish weeks ago for a long weekend and it was so super THE BEST!!! One of them was in an AMAZING production of The Drowsy Chaperone and the other one and I went to see it. I honestly cannot remember the last time  laughed so hard. It was amazing. There was also wedding planning (cuz my bestie is getting married y’all!!) and waffles and book stores and the best behaved dog I ever did see and JUST SO MUCH FUN IN GENERAL!!! It was amazing.

I have another trip out there in one week and one day and I am going to a 1940’s ball! Plus there is going to be a whole day of bridesmaiding and it is going to be awesome!!!

After that I came home and my best friend from elementary school was home for the first time in over 9 months!!!! It was great. She is a total beast and is in the Navy and she just got home from being deployed. It was so great to see her face again! The visit was altogether too short, but it was so good to see her. It was also about a week after her birthday and I gave her a giant roll of bubble wrap. And I mean giant. I couldn’t even fit it in my SUV. I had to unwrap and rewrap it to transport it. You know what you can do with that much bubblemwrap internet? You can cover a deck in it and jump around and you can roll over it in a car until you get too afraid of noise complaints because seriously bubble wrap is LOUD. You can also make a perfect movie viewing chair by piling it on top of your existing furniture. Or you can wrap your valuables in it. I will let you decide how you think we used it.

Or I will give it away by posting a picture.

3) Free movies!!! In the past month I have gotten to see free advanced screenings of not one, but two movies! The first one was The Great Gatsby, which was pretty awesome. It’s a super hard book to make into a movie, but I think they did a pretty good job. Plus you simply can’t go wrong with Leo D. You just can’t. I think my favorite part may have been the soundtrack though. I may or may not have, but totally did, listen to it on repeat for like 2 weeks.

I also got to see This is the End this week. I was not prepared for how scary it was!! It is so scary guys!! I went in thinking “This is going to be funny fun times!” and it was but there was also a good dose of “HOLY MOLY THE APOCALYPSE IS TERRIFYING!!!!” there was also, for me at least, a fair amount of “Yeah… that’s not how salvation works…. I don’t think you really understand the Gospel…” But after I said that to my friends, they just stared at me like I was crazy. Take it or leave it internet, but that is what I took away. The entire movie was totally worth the money the zero dollars we paid to see it though simply because the last 2 minutes were SO FREAKING EPIC AMAZING SAUCE!!!! I won’t post any spoilers here, but O. M. GOSH. it was amazing. There was a lot of squealing and freaking out in the theater. You want to see this now don’t you? You’re totally welcome Seth Rogen. Also Emma Watson and Michael Cera make appearances, so you can’t go wrong.

4) Buying Paint. I am redoing my room slowly but surely and I am very excited! I am going to have 3 grey walls and one teal wall and some coral and yellow furniture and its going to be awesome!! Its a slow process, but I will post pictures when I am done. What is awesome is that my room is actually pretty clean right now! Its really nice to be in here. And that’s saying something because I don’t often choose to be in my room.

5) Arrested Development!!! Season four y’all!! What did you think?!? Have you seen it? It started a little slow for me, but then it got so good and then it ended so very fast! There is a movie happening right? There better still be a movie!! So many unanswered questions!!!

6) Interning with a wedding planner downtown and taking a class on it online. This has been so much fun! There have been so many “what is my life?!?!” moments of awesome. I love it! Best way to spend free time ever!

7) Starting a Starbucks Mug collection. They have a new “You Are Here” Mug series and I am collecting them! Its a slow (because otherwise it would be super expensive) process but so far I have Chicago (Home), Denver (From my trip a few weeks ago), LA and California (Because my dad works in LA and is totally awesome! Thanks dad!). I am also planning on getting Colorado in a week and the maid of honor for my bestie’s wedding travels a lot for work and picked me up an Alaska mug! (Which is totally awesome of her! Especially since we have only met over the facebook! But that all changes in a week!! I’m excited) I also plan on getting Orlando/Florida Mugs when I go to visit my Mickey Mouse in July.  So internet, are you going anywhere fun in the near future? Hit me up! I will totally pay you back! Oh! I just remembered that my dad is in New York this weekend… One moment while I send a text…..

And I’m back!

My Mugs So Far!

8) Cherry Coffee. It exists and it tastes so much better than it sounds. It’s my new crack. Which is good, because my old crack was ice cream, and this has significantly less calories.

9) Figuring out how to set my coffee maker to turn itself on in the morning for my daily dose of cherry coffee crack.

10) Reading this blog and this blog and this blog religiously. They are so super good! The first 2 are really funny and the last one just inspires me to be crafty and holiday-y and gift giving-y and to have a baby. They are awesome.

And a bonus that I almost forgot!!!

11) Getting that tattoo I talked about! I love it a lot! (But if you know my grandparents, internet, don’t tell them! It will not go over well.) But yay!! I already have 2 more I want… But I am going to wait and see if the “I NEED MORE TATTOOS” feeling wears off with time. Going to give it a year. I hear that’s an ideal amount of time.

I got it with my friend. She got a really cute elephant butt.

So that’s been my life internet. What have you been up to since we last talked? What are your favorite blogs? What is your current crack? All very important questions.

Ps I want to thank/apologize to my friend Marcie (unless you don’t want me using your real name here, in which case I want to thank/apologize to my friend Maribel) because I totally flaked on her tonight and wrote this blog in my room instead of going to her house… I love you Marcie Maribel Booski!!!

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  1. It’s okay… baby sloths/sloths helped.

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