Blogging in the New Year

 Happy New Year Internet!

I know. I’m late. Wishing people a Happy New Year is so last year already (hahaha puns), but I just took my Christmas ornaments down a few days ago so I think I’m a bit behind the curve anyway.

Why am I so behind you ask? It’s mid-January after all. My Christmas decorations should not have been up this long. I am aware of this, but we spent Christmas in Disney World and every since we got home it has been a mad scramble with very important things to do.

Here are some things that prevented me from taking down our Christmas decorations in a timely manner:

1) Les Mis. Probably the most important 6 hours I’ve spent this year. Yes. I’ve seen it twice. Yes I will totally go see it again with you, internet. I love it that much.

I may be in love with this guy. Who am I kidding? I AM in love with this guy.

2) Tacky Christmas Party!!! Since I was out of town directly before Christmas I didn’t get to have people over for the very important Ugly Christmas Sweater party I wanted to have. We decided to do another small girls night after Christmas and just make it a Tacky Christmas party, because what is tackier than a Christmas party a week into the new year? Not much. It was fun. It was the same crowd as Halloween and we decorated cookies and I made a pretty awesome meal out of the Rachael Ray Magazine and we watched Christmas Vacation. 

A Tangled Cookie I Made for My Friend
Teen Mom Cookie…. Its best if you don’t ask…

Sidenote: One of my friends was a Christmas Vacation Virgin! I didn’t even know these existed anymore!

Sidenote 2: DID YOU KNOW that the guy who plays Leonard in Big Bang Theory plays Russ in Christmas vacation?!?! My mind was blown and it was awesome


3) The Forever Lazy. Ok Internet Haters. I get it. I understand. The forever lazy is the worst. Its ugly and atrocious and bad. It is also so comfortable that it isn’t even funny. No. I don’t actually own one. But my friend borrowed one from my other friend’s mother for the tacky Christmas party and raved about it all night. So then I tried it on and man oh man was it amazing. But, I did a bad thing internet. I wore it out of the house. Hear me out though! It was a 7:45 dentist appointment and I didn’t take off my coat at all so it mostly just looked like I was wearing pjs, which I wear to the dentist all the time because they believe in crazy business hours and I believe in sleep. Plus I figure my teeth are so bad (About to have my 5th root canal next week – I brush! I floss! I don’t get it!) that if they are going to judge me they are going to judge my teeth and not my outfit. But they are very nice and nonjudgmental as far as I can tell. Anyway, after I wore it to the dentist I slept til 1 and then wore it around the house and then took a nap at 4. I learned something that day guys. I used to think that Forever Lazy was just a really bad name. Now I understand – it is a warning. If you wear it you WILL BE forever lazy. I really want one, but am afraid of what will become of me if I get one.

I am Ashamed

4) Listening to Les Mis. See #1. I got sucked in.

5) Make up Christmas with my Dad and Step Mom. fun times.

6) Failing at veganism. So many cookies. So much chocolate.

7) Feeling disgusting because of #6 and cleaning out my pantry. That always makes me feel better.

8) Going to the gym. Its part of my get healthy initiative, and it makes me feel healthier so that’s a start right? Yes!

9) Failing to fix toilets. The toilet in my bathroom has been ruining and leaking non-stop and despite an all day effort to fix it, we can’t stop the leak. but I did confirm something I already knew – I never never NEVER want to be a plumber. I did install a new showerhead though so that was cool!

10) Getting THE BEST coffee mug in the world. It is called “Great Gays Out of the Closet” and when it is cold it just has a buch of doors on it, but when it warms up all these influential and famous gay people from history appear behind the doors!!! So while you drink your coffee they literally come out of the closet before your eyes!!! The only sad part is that once your coffee gets cold they go back into the closet. And then I find myself yelling at my coffee mug. Like a crazy person. “Be true to yourself! Don’t go back in the closet! NO!” It’s a problem.

11) Replacing my car battery. Because it died. Sad Sad face.

12) Figuring out the perfect lip care regimen for me. This is extremely important because my lips get soooo chapped in the winter. Not normal chapped. The kind of chapped where they peel and they bleed and they fell gross 1000000% of the time and it drives me CRAZY!!! I have been trying to find a miracle lip product that would make winter bearable since middle school, and I think I finally found it! This is a big deal for me, and I thought I would share it with you, just in case you are in a similar lip predicament. But first a few lessons that I learned along the way:
Lesson 1: Some lip balms (The ones that make your lips burn so good), while soothing in the moment, actually make things worse. They can have acid in them that actually makes your lips more chapped over time. Its usually listed under “Inactive ingredients” so watch out for that!

Lesson 2: I was never inclined to do this, but just in case you are, don’t lick chapped lips. it makes it worse. Saliva is meant to help break down your food. You don’t want it to break down your lips.

Lesson 3: This is what helped me get to my break through, I totally didn’t know this til someone at my internship told me. Chap Sticks and the like don’t actually moisturize your lips! They hold in the moisture that is already there, but they don’t add to it! Its the same with lotion. These are things I didn’t know!! So one trick is to apply balm after you have wet your lips (with water. not spit. see lesson 2.)

Lesson 4: Because of Lesson 3, multiple steps may be needed to achieve the miracle I have been looking for!

So here is what is currently keeping my lips happy and healthy:

 Step 1: Drink lots of water. I struggle with this. I know its so super important, but I never drink enough water:

 Step 2: A base coat of Smith’s Rosebud Salve Balm. I find this adds moisture to my lips. But it does leave that sticky gloss feeling that I personally hate. So…

Step 3: A top coat of EOS Organic Sweet Mint Lip Balm Sphere. This is more of a normal chap stick (But organic and wonderful) that locks in the moisture from steps 1 and 2 and gets rid of that sticky feeling. 

I do this 3-4 times a day, before bed and when I wake up. And I don’t feel all chapped and peel-y. Its great. I don’t know if this is helpful to you, but it works for me!

My Secret Winter Weapon

Anyway, I was going to talk about Disney and Christmas but this turned out way longer than I expected so I will save that post for another day.

What have you done in the new ear thus far internet?

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