Feline Anxiety

Ok Internet, if you have been reading this blog you will remember that I have been finding myself immersed in a world filled with mental illness and instability.

Welp I have taken it one step further. This week my cat was diagnosed with anxiety. Yes. My cat is suffering from a mental illness.

I got this particular cat one week before I graduated from college. He was a kitten and was tiny. He could fit in my hands.

Now he is 16.5 pounds.

He is a giant cat.

Anyway, a while back noticed that he was missing some patches of fur on his front legs, so when he had a vet appointment this week I asked about it.

The large, burly vet told me that my cat was over grooming because he was feeling anxiety. Apparently grooming is his coping mechanism. He asked if anything would be causing his anxiety. Other than 3 poodles and 2 grown up cats? I don’t think so… The vet said could just be being a young cat trying to figure out the world. I find that sentence so funny that I am going to repeat it. Remember, the vet is male. He is tall and has a beard. He is the very definition of burly looking. And he said “you know sometimes anxiety can just come from being a young cat trying to figure out the world.” I cannot make this stuff up people.

He recommended a pheromone calming collar to help my baby’s anxiety, but this proved ineffective because my cat is not used to a collar and wearing one made him even more anxious. On top of that, the trip to the vet seems to have freaked him out because now he hides when I try to pick him up.

So my cat is suffering from anxiety and what is the first thing I do? I go on vacation and leave him alone with the two other cats to be cared for by my friend who is admittedly NOT a cat person.

I may be a horrible pet owner.

So now I am anxious because what of he can’t handle being alone for a week? I think I may need a calming collar. It’s a vicious cycle of anxiety that can only be broken by a week in Disney at Christmas time.

So this Christmas be thankful for the cats in your life. The ones that are probably much more mentally stable than mine.

Here are some pictures of my cat. When he was a baby and now. It’s a bit hard to see the change in his size, but trust me, it’s there. Also how he totally gets along with my grown up cats:

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