Anything Can Happen on Halloween

Today I am feeling particularly productive (as productive as one can be at 2 pm still in their pajamas, BUT when you are applying for jobs, that can actually be pretty productive!) and I have been putting off writing a blog about Halloween for 5 days so I am going to write it now!!

I love Halloween! Its the most wonderful time of the year! (Other than Christmas which is truthfully the most wonderful time of the year.) But in my opinion Halloween warrants a close second. So this year to celebrate the season I invited some of my friends over the Saturday before Halloween and we had a Halloween party/movie night. It was a fun night. We did a costume contest with a $10 or under spending limit. I went to goodwill and got a blue dress for $4.99 and went as Wendy from Peter Pan. I almost went as the Target Lady from SNL (You should probably go watch it now.) or Daisy form the Great Gatsby (Goodwill had some choice merchandise this year!) But Wendy won out. The dress was just too perfect. There were some great costumes (like Wednesday Addams and a work of art but my friend’s Binders full of Women costume won the homemade trophy I crafted with my own two hands.

BOOM! Trophy.

Here are a few pictures of the festivities:

Wendy and Friends! I love this costume!

We watched some quality films, such as Cabin in the Woods – which is awesome! It’s not too scary, and the premise is super awesome! Watch it. We also watched one of my Halloween favorites – The Worst Witch. This is a B movie from the late 80’s or early 90’s that I guess originally aired on HBO. But I have a VHS of it from a recording of the Disney Channel’s broadcast one night when I was too young to remember. It’s a great tape. It has the Worst Witch, Hocus Pocus, and Disney’s Halloween Treats (which is just a collection of spooky segments from different Disney animated features, but it is excellent!) Anyway, The Worst Witch is a Halloween tradition in my household and so we watched that. It is not great quality wise, but I highly recommend it! It even has a guest appearance AND MUSICAL NUMBER by the one and only Tim Curry that is just too good to not share. Go. Watch this. Right Now.

Tim Curry. Look at that face.

Anyway, after that we watched Clue (Tim Curry really loves his Halloween movies) and a couple of us  carved pumpkins. I made a Harry Potter pumpkin that sadly withered quickly and by the next day looked like Harry Potter and Cho Chang had a pumpkin baby.

This is what I call the Cho-Changification of my pumpkin. eitherway, I ‘m proud!

Afterwards one of my friends slept over and we continued our movie marathon with Birdemic: Shock and Terror. WARNING: NEVER watch Birdemic: Shock and Terror. it is so bad. It’s so bad that it’s not even entertaining. It’s just bad. The acting is bad, the sound is bad. the writing is bad. the computer generated birds are BAD. just don’t do it. If you want to watch a B movie that’s not so horrible you could watch Parents, a 1989 movie about a child in the 50’s who finds out his parents are cannibals. Its not great, but it did get kind of creepy and it is one million times better than Birdemic. DO NOT WATCH Birdemic.

This is one of the birds from Birdemic: Shock and Terror. This bird cannot fully  how horrible it was animated and inserted into the movie. For that you have to use your imagination.

So that was the Halloween Party on Halloween itself my friend came over and we passed out candy and watched the Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and That Halloween episode of Boy Meets World where they get stuck in the school with a murderer ala so many great horror movies and finally the classic Hocus Pocus. We decided to have some ‘Witches Brew’ spiced wine (cheap and amazing. You could probably have found it at your local Walmart.) We turned it into a drinking game, which was probably a mistake. I wrote it while watching Hocus Pocus, and while proud of it, we were not looking to get drunk and had we not switched to water half way through we totally would have. So good people of the internet, I will share it with you, but I strongly suggest that you maybe eliminate a few items if you don’t want to get too tipsy (may I suggest the one about the book? That is probably the best one to eliminate.)

The Hocus Pocus Drinking Game
Take 1 drink
– any time they say the word virgin
– any time Sarah Sanderson sings a song 
– anytime Sarah Sanderson tries to play with a boy (x2 if he is underage)
– anytime Winifred talks about her book
-anytime the witches fly (x2 if not on a broom)
-anytime they talk about or use salt
-anytime someone casts a spell
-anytime someone says Thackary Binx’s full name
-any time Mary Sanderson sniffs for children
-anytime Billy loses a body part

-anytime the Sanderson sisters are fooled by technology and the changing times

-anytime someone is fooled by a costume 
-anytime the Sanderson sisters say “master”
-anytime anyone evil laughs
-anytime the book opens its eye
Take 2 drinks
-whenever anyone calls Max ‘Hollywood’
-any time someone says ‘Hocus Pocus’
-anytime Sarah Sanderson sings to the children
-anytime they talk about mother Sanderson 
-anytime an adult doesn’t believe the Sanderson Sisters are back
-anytime Winifred Sanderson cries
-anytime Billy talks
– anytime someone is glowing
– anytime someone says ‘yabo’s’
Finish your drinks
-anytime a virgin lights the black flame candle
-any time the Sanderson Sisters break into a festive group number
-anytime a cat inflates
Hocus Pocus. It taught me what a virgin is folks. True story.
So there it is. Your welcome Internet. I am so sorry. After we totally failed at that I carved another pumpkin (an Owl!!) and my friend carved her first ever pumpkin – a pumpkin pie pumpkin that looked astoundingly like Jack Skellington. She did good.

The Pumpkins! Also, I dressed up as Boo from Monsters Inc. to carve them.
Anyway I know this has been a super long “What I did on Halloween” report, but I love me some Halloween and wanted to share it with you. I have a lot more to talk about but instead of making this even longer, I am just going to write another post about everything else happening. So Happy Halloween everybody! I hope you had a spooktacular time!! What fun things did you do?

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