I’m A Cross Stitchin’ Fiend

So every couple of months I go on a crafting spree. I begin crafting like a crazy person. I have so many ideas and I want to make them all!! My recent spree is a common one for me – cross stitching. I love cross stitching. I could cross stitch all the day and night. I love it mostly because it takes zero artistic ability. If you can use your hands and your eyes you can cross stitch, and it will turn out beautiful pretty much 100% of the time. Its a little tedious, which makes it perfect for watching tv and making something at the same time.

I love cross stitching so much that in my junior year of college I became known in my group of friends as a cross stitching crazy lady. I couldn’t sit still without cross stitching. I had to fight very hard not to cross stitch in class, and I’ll be honest here – sometimes I lost that battle. I would show my progress to anybody who would listen. Then I took on a very large project… and my spree was over. As much as I love the tedium for some reasons, I hate not finishing a project in a timely manner. I get impatient and think “I have so many more projects! why won’t this one just end?!?” So I put my cross stitching in a box and walked away.

But about 2 weeks or so ago i was in the Hob Lob, or as I like to call it Bob Lob Law’s Hob Lob Law Blog, or as it’s actually called, Hobby Lobby, and iI came across a little project that looked fun. It was a tiny Peter Pan cross stitch based on a bigger painting by Thomas Kinkade. I thought “Thats tiny. I can do it.” So I bought it and started it up. Three days later my friend texted me saying she found an Anchorman quote cross stitch and that we should get together, watch the movie and cross stitch. This made me VERY excited. And after going online and looking at the ridiculous things people have crossed stitched I am taking on possibly my biggest project yet. (Why yes, the term “my biggest project yet” can in fact be read as “a project I will start but most likely will never finish.” At least I’m being honest here.) And this project is… a cross stitch wall! I want to cross stitch a bunch of quotes from things i like and put them in hoops and frames that are all different sizes and designs and hang them on a wall in my house and later, once I have my life more put together, in an apartment that I live in.

Here is the Peter Pan:

So I started compiling quotes that make me laugh and got on the Etsy to start getting ideas. This may have been a bad decision because the Etsy was so full of ideas that the project has basically exploded all over the place. Here are some of the things I have made so far:

This one I found on Etsy. And I thought it was really funny. Quite possibly about a hundred times funnier than you think it is. I can say that with a fair amount of certainty, because I have yet to meet someone who found it as amusing as I did.

This is one that I came up with. I couldn’t find a pattern for this one so I had to design it. Yep. You can be impressed now. (ps. You should probably go watch Mean Girls right now. You’re welcome.)
I also designed this. Up is one of my favorite movie of all time, so this one makes me really happy.
I found this on etsy, but they didn’t sell the pattern so I had to figure it out for myself. It’s from the Big Bang Theory (if you haven’t figured out I am a nerd yet, this can be your tell tale sign.)
This is from a kit I got a while ago. Hedgehogs have a special place in my heart., I owned one for about 2 years, but I developed an allergy and started getting a rash every time I held her., So I gave her to a family friend’s grandson. She deserved an owner who could play with her. This is an homage to my little Henrietta.
I started this one a really long time ago as well. (it was not my big project, but it was a casualty of my frustration at not finishing my big project.) So I finally finished her! I love that mermaid.
OK. This one is an extremely long story, but it is from one of the first episodes of Sesame street. It is a ridiculous song, and my friends and I become obsessed with it in high school. You can watch it here its awesome.)

So I have been pretty busy this last week. But I do have a long long list of other ideas. Here it is:

– “Milk was a bad choice”

– “There’s always money in the banana stand”

– “Baby Fish Mouth”

– “Gus don’t be a rabid porcupine” (This is from Psych. I don’t know if I want it to be “rabid porcupine” for sure. I am taking votes. I also like “gooey chocolate chip cookie,” “Myopic Chihuahua” and “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Marzipan.” Here. Why don’t you watch this video and let me know your favorites)

– a bird. I want to mix quotes and non-quotes. i really like birds.

– a gnome. This is all Etsy’s fault

– “Maybe Bean could set off the fireworks!” I am very excited about this. (Muppetvision 3D – The best 3D movie in all of Disney World – Nay – in all the world!!)

– probably some woodland creatures. Again. Etsy is going to kill me.

– a mustache

-”Curiouser and Curiouser” Because I like me some Alice in Wonderland

– An undecided upon quote from Book of Mormon. (The musical. Not the religious text. Again, I am taking suggestions for this one.)

– “I solemnly swear I am up to no good”

– “I want to go to there”

– Something from Haunted Mansion. I don’t know what, but its October and I want to celebrate

– “Has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?”

– “Home is where the heart is so your real home’s in your chest”

– “Everyone’s a dumb whore!”

– “I love Lamp”

– “What a crazy random happenstance”

– A smiley face dark mark. (This is from A Very Potter musical. Again, I am a nerd.)

– “And that’s why you always leave a note”

– A Herpes germ. Why Etsy? Why do you have this, and why do I find it so funny? Guys, I may be a weirdo with this one:

So my list could obviously be so much longer, and I am taking suggestions for more awesome things I can do. Any ideas?

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  1. megan says:

    For the psych quote, I also love ‘don’t be this crevice in my arm.’ but that one is really only funny with the visual reference.

    Also, I think the smiley face dark mark should be accompanied by one of the many hilarious quote from a very potter musical.

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