Ok, so in my first blog entry I came up with was a list of I want to get my life in order – seriously people I need a new phrase. This one is a list of things I have done to take those steps. (As you can probably tell, I like lists. If you don’t like lists, this will not be the blog for you. Sorry)

1) I have applied to a bunch of jobs both around here and in the Denver area. This way if anyone ever calls me back, maybe I can have a job and move to Denver and maybe I will stay here. But first someone would have to call me back.

2) Signed up for a wedding planning class at my local-ish community college. I am very excited about this. But it has been postponed due to not enough people enrolled, so fingers crossed it actually happens.

3) Read Skinny Bitch in order to maybe figure out how to get healthy. This may have been a bad idea. This is an awesome book that makes you think “Hells yeah I can do this and totally be healthy!” as you read it. Then, after you’ve read it cover to cover in one sitting, you put it down and realize somewhere along the line (read: the entire book) it has convinced you to go vegan. “Wait? how did this happen?” you think “One of my main food groups is ice cream!” but it’s too late you can never look at a delicious ice cream the same way again. You have to be a vegan. And not only that. An organic vegan to boot. So thats happening. In the past week, I have eaten full veggie. But since there is still so much non vegan food in my house and i don’t have the money to throw out everything and buy all new at Whole Foods, the vegan thing is in the works. But it is happening. I think.

4) Got a kinda-job. Its an interim office administrator position at my church. It’s only 16 hours a week, but it pays great.  The only problem is they kept looking for someone who would take on the position permanently and not look for full time work And sadly they found someone rather quickly. But I have a week left there and I love it.

5) Instituted a weekly Wine and Nora Ephron night with my friend. We get cheap wine and food (it was wine and cheese and Nora Ephron night one glorious week, and then I read that stupid book. Its not stupid. I liked it.) Anyways, this is the best girls night idea ever. Everyone should do it. Even if you are a man. Also, part of the food should be edamame. Wine, edamame, and Nora Ephron. Do it.

And… um… thats it. But I will keep you updated as progress is made. I think I can do this? Question mark? Wait. I’m owning things on this blog. I CAN do this!

Now one of my favorite quotes from When Harry Met Sally:

“You know it’s funny, we started out like this, Helen and I. We had blank walls, we hung things, we picked out tile together. Then you know what happens? 6 years later, you find yourself singing Surrey with a Fringe on Top IN FRONT OF IRA!”

Comedy Gold.

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