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Galentine’s Day Recap

Hey Internet! I don’t know about you, but I have to work/school today and Monday’s got me being like this:

Tired Puppy

BUT I had a great Galentine’s/Valentine’s Day weekend and I wanted to pop in and share some pictures!

The weekend started at a BBQ restaurant with my carpool buddy on Friday. GUYS. This place. The food was AMAZING. ANDPLUSALSO? THERE WAS A CAT! AND the cat looked so much like Binx. I called him Binx II, and he crawled right into my lap and I maybe almost cried. Pictures:

Binx II DIS FOOD DOE Love at first sight

If you are ever in the area, the place is called Yellow Dog Eats and it is the best.

After lunch I went home and Adorabeezle and I finished Broadchurch (its a BBC crime series and its AMAZING. Go watch it on Netflix. Right now.)

Also, this happened. It’s a common occurrence, really, but I can never get over the cuteness:

Cat Love

Then I turned in for the night and spent some time reading Make it Happen. I’ve been reading this for a little over a month now, and it has been SO GOOD for my heart. I’ve been really savoring it and taking copious notes. So. Much. Goodness.

Make it Happen

Then Saturday was a sleep in and be productive kind of day. It seems weird, but I cherish the days I am free enough to really clean the kitchen. Just doing laundry and getting all the dishes done and organizing things. I LIVE for that on the weekends… Does this mean I’m officially a grown up? Maybe. Also? I cleaned ALL of my make up brushes. That may seem like small potatoes to you if you have your life together, but this was a big deal for me. I’m not going to tell you how long it’s been since I’ve done this, because I want you to think I’m a fancy person who isn’t living in filth. Just go with it.

A Thing of Beauty

After the productiveness, Adorabeezle came home from work and we hit up EPCOT for Galentine’s Day. (If you don’t know what Galentine’s Day is you need to watch Parks and Rec ASAP!!!)

What is Galentine's Day
The Best Day of the Year

We grabbed some fish and chips (I ate the fish. Adorabeezle ate the chips). and then we headed to France where we waited 20 minutes in line for a cocktail and then 20 minutes in line for the patisserie. We regret nothing.Fish and Chips Drank Drankin in EPCOTRaspberry Mousse

The drink was a specialty orange passion fruit slushie, that came in a “souvenir glass,” which I thought was kind of silly since it was just a sphere and made my drink cost three extra dollars, but it was delicious and I have NO REGRETS.

After Epcot, we came home and I treated myself to a nice lush bath bomb bath complete with Christmas lights, candles, poor girl sangria (wine with a splash of oj and some cut up oranges) a touch of chocolate and a episode of Fixer Upper on my Kindle.

Bath of Champions

Sunday was church and then ALL THE ERRANDS. I did some cooking for the week and finished some apartment projects I’ve been putting off. I also put together a breathtaking doughnut diorama. Because I don’t play around when it comes to holidays or doughnuts.

Breathtaking Doughnut Diorama

The rest of the night was spent with netflix and putting that souvenir glass to good use:

Succulent globe succulent

(yes the succulent is fake – who do you think I am? a real grown up person?) But I’m fairly certain the moss I bought from Joann’s is real… which kind of freaked me out…

Anyway, that was my Galentine’s weekend, Internet. How was yours?

Fall Swag Swap!


I know, loooong time no see! I have been keeping very busy. Mostly with school. (I had two exams this week which means I have been doing A LOT of math and computers recently). I also went home last weekend for a good day and a half and just, well, blogging has gotten put off.

BUT I did need to drop in today because I recently participated in my first ever blog swap! I signed up for the Fall Swag Swap! Basically, you get paired with another blogger and you send each other some fun fall swag!

I was paired with the wonderful host of the swap, Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick and Stilettos. Lindsay did SO GREAT putting together my package!

She sent me some fun Halloween towels, some AMAZING scented candles, some great nail polish and lipstick, a pumpkin bottle pourer, a Gobble Gobble ’til You Wobble sign, some candy corn m&ms and last (but CERTAINLY not least) a Starbucks giftcard! (PSL here I come!!)

I mean look at this stuff:

Fall Swag Swap 1
Fall Swag Swap 2 Fall Swag Swap 6 Fall Swag Swap 5 Fall Swag Swap 4
Fall Swag Swap 3

And I couldn’t resist throwing in a picture of the cutest photography assistant in the world!

Fall Swag Swap Cat

What is your favorite fall swag internet? Don’t forget to go over and visit Lindsay’s post on what I sent her!


Celebrating Halloween a Month Early

Hello Internet! I’ve been gone for a week because school is time consuming, but I wanted to drop in and 1) say thank you for the wonderful comments/texts/messages I got on my last post. It was s lovely to have people reach out and assure me that I’m not alone and offer their support. And 2) I wanted to share with you the super fun times Adorabeezle and I had at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party on Friday!

I know it seems early for a Halloween party, but Mickey is very popular and he needs to hosts a ton of parties in September and October just to fit in all his friends! If you’ve never heard of it, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) is a special event at the Magic Kingdom. It starts at 7 and goes until midnight and has a special parade and fireworks show, as well as special character meet and greets and stage shows.  And people dress up. And there is free candy. And basically everything is awesome.

For the party Adorabeezle and I went as Joy and Sadness from Inside Out. And we basically killed it. I mean:


A photo posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

JOY!! #feelingnotsoscary A photo posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

Sadness. #feelingnotsoscary

A photo posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

We saw the parade twice, which was great because it is my favorite parade of all time. We also got to see the fireworks (the best fireworks of the year) AND the brand new Hocus Pocus stage show which was basically perfection.

MNSSHP is one of my favorite things of the whole year and if you find yourself in the Orlando area in September or October, you need to do yourself a favor and get a ticket to a Halloween party!

What are your favorite Halloween traditions, Internet?

How I Become A Basic White Girl Every Fall

Hey Internet! I hope you had a great labor day weekend! Over the FIVE DAYS I had off I began what has become an entirely inevitable transition that I go through every fall.

Every September as the weather begins to change (not where I live mind you – but somewhere – or so I am told), I become your classic basic white girl. I get out my scarves and my boots and I stop drinking iced coffee and switch to pumpkin spice lattes (ALWAYS hot, never iced). My hair finds itself in a constant top knot and everything orange and mustard yellow and pumpkin somehow makes it into my shopping cart. Fall candles are constantly burning. When I sleep, I dream of pumpkin patches.

My first pumpkin spice latte of the season #pumpkinspiceforlyfe

A photo posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

This weekend Starbucks released the pumpkin spice latte and you can bet your boots I was there – I even got it fo’ free because I had earned a reward! Target also busted out there dollar section Halloween decorations and everything was wonderful. This weekend I made two batches of chili, two batches of butternut squash soup and a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Made a few batches of chili and butternut squash soup this weekend. Because Fall. A photo posted by Liz (@liz_tippy) on

The transformation has begun. Soon it will be nothing but Hocus Pocus and red wine up in this house.

Just as a sample of what it is like in my neck of the woods, this is what I bought at Target yesterday. (OF COURSE it was Target).

Basic White Girl 1 Basic White Girl 2 Basic White Girl 3

The best part? It was less than $20! The Pumpkin Spice Latte M&M’s are my JAM. They are seriously the best. And I cannot wait to try the pumpkin spice chai!

So, Internet, what are your favorite ways to celebrate the fall? Do you have any Basic White Girl tendencies this time of year?

Christmas Recap

Hey Internet! So I’m here (better late than never) to share with you about my Christmas!

Things have been nutso around these parts since christmas – I went home for 4 days, worked for 4 days, my mom came down here for 4 days, I worked for 2 days and then I spent 2 days DYING. And now here we are! My goal for this next semester/year is to post 2-3 times a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays, and sometimes a bonus day on the weekends. So we will see how that goes.

But today I want to recap my Christmas visit home!

Christmas Recap

Day One

Day 1

So, This day I woke up at 4 am so my lovely roommate could drive me to the airport.  I was SUPER excited to be in the airport (See picture 1). I got into Chicago and spent the rest of the day with my mom doing last minute shopping and wrapping (not pictured) and then some of my best friends came over to hang out and eat pizza and watch me try desperately not to fall asleep after a super long day (see picture 3). It was magic and so nice to see these girls after so many months. I was so thankful they came out to see me on what was super short notice (totally my bad). They left a little after midnight and I hardcore passed out from exhaustion.


Day 1 Bonus


Bonus: Look at the shirt Old Roommate gave me! She knows me so well!

Day 2

Day 2


I didn’t take a lot of photos on day two, but it was great. I baked cookies with my mom, saw my second cousin and great aunt and then went to Wildfire (and AMAZING steakhouse) with my dad and step-mom. Then I wrapped some more presents and went to bed so the next day we could Christmas!

Day 3

Day 3


Day 3 was Christmas eve. My dad and step mom and I had coffee, coffee cake and opened presents (One thing I got was ALL the lip balm – very exciting). Then I got to see my friend Katie and her puppies!! It was so fun that I forgot to take pictures :(. We got some lunch and hung out at her apartment with the dogs for a while. It was so nice to see her.

After that she took me back to my dad’s and we headed out for dinner with the family. This was the first year we have eaten out on Christmas Eve, and we had a lot of fun!

After dinner I headed over to my mom’s parents’ house for Christmas.

Day 4

Day 4


Day 4 was Christmas!!! We had breakfast, opened presents and then had lunch. It was great to spend the day with my family before heading out that night to go back home. After I got home the roommates and I opened stockings. It was a magical Christmas, and even though I had to leave way too early, it was great to see all my family and so many friends. Not to mention that Santa was GOOD to me this year! In addition to a camera from my mom (it’s not a DSLR – I’m not ready to learn all that fancy-ness but it is way nicer than what I have been using (which in most cases has been my phone)), I also got a lot of other stuff. (just as a disclaimer, we go WAY overboard in my family. I am aware that this is crazy-pants.):

Santa Collage


I think I’m going to highlight some of my favorites later this week, but for now lets just say I am one lucky lady.

What was your favorite part of Christmas?


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