Classic Posts

Hey Internet! For those of you looking to know a little bit more about me, I’ve made a list of some of my favorite posts of yesteryear for you to check out!

That time I cried in the freezer section
That time TLC ruined my life
That time the Great and Terrible Awful happened to me
That time I was really bad at making friends
That Time Coffee Almost Killed Me
Why I love Pit Bulls

Those times I moved into a sinking ship:
Life Aboard the Titanic
The Bed of Doom
The Cat in the Linen Closet
The Tub of Death

Those times I was a crazy cat lady:
A Cat Related Rage
A Cat Shaped Neurosis
An Open Letter To My Cat

Those Times I Went to Disney
My Disney Must-Haves
Embarassing Disney Stories
Disney Re-Memories Parts One and Two

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