Cold Brewed Iced Coffee | Method One

Hey Internet. I’m still here – my mom is still here, so I’m going to be soaking up these last two days with my mom. I will hopefully be back this weekend with a life update of some sort, but for now I’m relying on my scheduled posts. So here we go:

It should come to you as no surprised that I love coffee (maybe a little too much) and today I am telling you how to make my new favorite kind of coffee – cold brewed!

I LOVE cold brewed coffee, because it doesn’t have the bitterness that regular brewed coffee can have. I also love it because the coffee is already cold, and spoiler alert: Florida be HOT! When I brew hot coffee and want to make it iced, I am forced to choose between sticking it in the freezer for a while (waiting too long for my precious nectar of life) or putting so so much ice in it to cool it off that it gets all watered down (not great). With cold brewed, you don’t have to make that decision! (You do, however, need to be on top of your coffee game – you can make whole batches at a time, but you do need to let the coffee brew over night, so keep an eye on that coffee supply!)

Now there are two ways that I make my cold brewed coffee. Today I am telling you how I made it when I was home last month for a wedding. Fun story: my mom’s keurig broke and I had to hustle to make myself some coffee. Usually I make my coffee in a pitcher, and I will be back and tell you a little more about that later, but I love this method because you can make individual servings in mason jars and then keep them in the fridge for when you need them.

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee Method One

For this method you need:

– Some Coffee – coarse ground if you can, if not no biggie (I used a Michigan Cherry flavored coffee from Meijer – oh Meijer, how I miss thee!)
– Some Mason Jars (however many you like. I made six because that’s how many days I had left at home, but I drank A LOT of coffee and ended up making a few more later in the week)
– Some Coffee Filters
– A Mesh Strainer
– Measuring cup (optional)
– A Funnel (optional)

How to Make It:

Day One
– Put 1/3 cup of coffee in each mason jar
– Top with 1-1/3 cups of water
– Put lids on each jar and store in fridge over night.

Day Two
– Remove jars from fridge
– Strain contents of each jar through mesh strainer, and discard the coffee grounds (I did these steps one jar at a time, straining each into a glass measuring cup and then refilling them in the next steps)
– Rinse out each original jar
– Filter the coffee back into the jar, using a coffee filter placed in a funnel

Now, if you are putting it back in the fridge for later, just return the lid to the jar and put it back in the fridge.

If you are planning to drink the coffee right away, add your creamer and sweetener of choice and then top with water and ice, to the top of the jar. You can try it without adding water, but cold brewing produces a concentrated coffee and this recipe should yield some VERY strong coffee. I like my coffee strong, but I needed some extra water. You can play with it and find the best balance for you.

Have you ever tried cold brewed coffee, internet? How did you like it?

10 Responses to Cold Brewed Iced Coffee | Method One

  1. Alex says:

    I just recently jumped on the (iced) coffee craze but I’m not big on buying them because the price adds up! Love the idea of making your own, thanks for the recipe.

  2. love this! I have a cappuccino tutorial coming soon!

  3. Alyssa says:

    Oh man, you are hard core, girl! I recently discovered Cold Brew coffee as well… Pretty much all I drink is iced coffee so it was a natural transition. I tried the Trader Joe’s brand earlier this week and it’s really good! I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it since you’re kind of a cold-brew ninja.

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  5. I love cold brew! SO wonderful in the summer. I make my own at home as well. I have a brand I buy online, but it gets so expensive, it is much more affordable to make at home! I’m a coffee lover (addict!) too! Have a great day!!!!

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