Thursday Thoughts | Vol. 6

Hey guys! I have a very busy Thursday today (including waking up at 5 for my first final – ugh, so I’m gonna keep it short and sweet today!

I think….

-that cold brewed coffee is the best invention since hot brewed coffee. Seriously. So so good.

-I am not ready for the summer. Adorabeezle Winterpop and I went to MK yesterday and the sun sucked all the energy right out of us. #wereold

-sometimes facebook is hard when hard things are happening (especially in America). #somanyrants

– my roommates are basically saints for putting up with the piles of books and papers I am leaving all over the apartment. #finalsproblems

-I seriously may kill this cat if he doesn’t let me sleep through the night tonight.

All Sumer Long by Phoebe Kreutz is maybe my new favorite summer song.


Beautiful Things

What do you think Internet?

10 Responses to Thursday Thoughts | Vol. 6

  1. Ummm yes go to startbucks and order an iced (i do skinny but you can do full diesel) caramel machiatto and you’ll enter heaven….best of luck on your exams, you’ll rock them! xo Amanda

  2. Alex says:

    Good luck on your final. I bet MK is starting to get super crowded, its that time of year!

  3. meagan says:

    AMEN to the facebook rants. It’s moments like these where ya just avoid FB and the outspoken people….better to not argue unless in person 🙂

    have a happy day liz!!

  4. victoria says:

    i will have to try the cold brew coffee,i have been on the fence. is it similar to their iced?
    love your blog!

    • Liz says:

      I’ve been brewing it at home. You can do it with a french press. You brew it overnight and its a concentrated coffee so you dilute it. It’s not bitter at all and is wonderful. I’ll be posting on it soon!

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