Life Lately: The-Not-So-Post-Mush-Brain Edition

Ok, Internet. Real talk: Sitting down to write has been hard recently. School is out and apparently my brain has taken that as a cue to STOP WORKING.

Life is hard, guys. For reals.

So I’m just going to give you a few updates in a non-threatening, non-paragraph format.

Lets do this.

Life Lately

– I don’t like to brag about school stuff. In fact, I’m that non-committal kid in class who just says “ok” if someone asks how I did on a test. BUT I GOT AN A IN CALCULUS III SUCKAS AND I WILL SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!! I have no idea how I pulled it off but I am not questioning it!

– Christmastime has come to the Titanic and it is a thing of beauty.

– I mentioned this yesterday, but I have done literally zero Christmas shopping so far. It’s a problem. But I have a semi-plan. And it involves some hard-core-last-minute shopping. It also involves not panicking… I’m working on that part….

– This week I have been basically living off of spicy peanut butter ramen. I’m going to have to tell you guys about it because it is easy and great and those are good things when you are suffering from the mush brain.

– GUYS! I’m sending real(ish) Christmas Cards this year!!! #crossthatoffthebucketlist

– I have two three advent calendars going and it is delicious.

Ok. That is five six bullet points. #babysteps. That is all I can handle. Barbara Walters is interviewing a Koch brother and I can’t think things good-like. I will be back this week to talk about Christmas decorations in the Titanic. #promise

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  1. CONGRATS ON THAT A. All that coffee was worth it!!!!! XOXOXO

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