A Christmas Giveaway!

Hello Internet!!! It has been too long! See, first I was taking finals and then I spent about a week recovering from the brain mush that resulted from finals. But now I am back!… that is until Christmas eats me, which trust me it will.

This week I am focusing on working a lot and then I have a few boring things to take care of… I have also done zero Christmas shopping… and I legit may not do a majority of my shopping until the Monday before Christmas because #winning

Do you want to be more on top of this Christmas thing than me? That’s not really a hard feat… But if you want to look the part, then enter to win these super cute earrings and this Christmas compact. They are both Kate Spade because, obvi. They are super festive and beautiful and everyone who sees you with them will know that you are way more on top of things than someone like me. Because of Kate Spade, obvi. So enter below! And come back tomorrow when I will (le gasp) have a real post!… Now I am going to go think up a real post… #obvi


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3 Responses to A Christmas Giveaway!

  1. Karen Branch says:

    Love Kate Spade! Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Karen Branch says:

    Love Kate Spade! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Alex says:

    Congrats on being done with finals, I remember what a relief that used to be and I totally agree, you need a few days to detox and do nothing.

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