A Cat Shaped Neurosis

Hey Internet!

So I’ve been really riding the struggle bus mentally lately – not emotionally just – you know when you are so tired you can’t form coherent sentences? Yeah. That’s been me. It makes it hard to blog.

But I think we are on an up tick!… I think… Anyway, I have a cat story for you. (Let’s get real here: a more accurate name for this blog would be “Cats Cats and More Cats with Liz”).

So Monday night I had a cat-related meltdown. No joke. I think my roommate thought I was joking at first, but I assure you I was not.

We got a new (to the Titanic) cat this weekend. Dinah is my roommate Kayleigh’s cat, and when Kayleigh went home for a wedding this weekend she brought Dinah back.

Dinah is super chill and super tiny and I have never seen a cat adjust so quickly to new surroundings. Legit, within 5 minutes she was happily trotting around the apartment. In contrast, it took Binx over a month before he would leave my room for any length of time.

Naturally, with the introduction of a new cat, Binx is freaking out. He doesn’t understand why we brought this new cat into his apartment, and even though Dinah is less than a third his size, he is legit terrified of her.

As we’ve been trying to introduce the cats to each other, we noticed that Binx is totally like me and Dinah is totally like her mama. Binx is all anxious and neurotic and messy and… let’s say curvy…. And Dinah is all tiny and chill and a bit of a neat freak. Exactly like my roommate.

At first I was like “Oh yeah! That’s kind of funny!” And then I was like “WAIT! Did I do this to him?! Is this my fault?! What if he had a normal owner? Would he just be a happy go lucky cat? Did I ruin his life?!?!” (See what I mean about neurotic? If I ever want to find a man-friend to do life with, this blog may not be helping my case…)

At first my roommate was like “lol your crazy.” And then she was like “Wait, your serious? Are you about to cry?” (Yes. Yes I was). “I think it’s the wine”

Then I was like “It’s not the wine Kayleigh! I’ve only had one glass! It’s the crushing realization that I have saddled my cat with mental illness for the rest of his life! He’s a cat! He can’t find Jesus and get better! Binx do you need Prozac? I can’t afford it, but I will get you some Prozac somehow!…. Also it may be the exhaustion.”

(Please note: some of this conversation is dramatized to fully make my point, but the words “He’s a cat! He can’t find Jesus!” ACTUALLY did escape my mouth. It’s important that you know that).

This was the point when Kayleigh told me I needed to go to bed, and she was right. But I still can’t help but feel guilty. I love that darn cat, and I would feel so bad if I made him an anxious, neurotic mess.

So what do you think Internet? Do we make our pets become like us? Or are we naturally drawn to animals that are like us? Is this all my fault? I need to know, so please tell me in the comments your feelings on this particular nature vs nurture debate.

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  1. Nina says:

    I feel like I love you.

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