It’s Friday. Let’s take a nap. Just Kidding. I have to work.

Ok Internet. What a week. We made it to Friday! Sadly, for me that means “We made it to my work week!” Remember days off? Those were fun.

Anyway! I’m going to make a list 5 things long now:

One: I have three tests in as many days next week. I may be freaking out. I also maybe took over the Titanic’s kitchen table… Sorry roommates… I love you!!

Two: Gilmore Girls is on Netflix and I am already almost through the first season. It is my favorite ever show and is a godsend this crazy week. (True life confessions: my favorite love interest for Rory is Logan. I know I am in a vast minority here, but I found out this week that my friend Nina is in the Logan camp with me and that made me really happy).

Three: Who has two thumbs, no money and an appointment for some oral surgery next week?!THIS GIRL! Oy with the ever loving poodles already.

Four: I definitely DIDN’T write this blog on my phone during calculus class. That would be silly

Five: It’s the last day of raffle and you should enter. I want a Gigi New York Clutch! Unfortunately I have dental bills and Florida tolls to pay. But if I can’t have it I want you to! Yes. You. Reading this right now. Good luck! (Ps actually enter guys. Part of the reason I do these raffles with Nina once a month is because I have won 3 blog giveaways and it is so exciting to win!)

I’m so excited to raffle off a GiGi New York baby bag, beloved by fashion bloggers, bloggers, and fashionistas alike. And I get to do with it some of my fave girls. Yay!!GIGIIMG_8764
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