These are My Confessions

Hey internet! How ya doing? I think the time has come for me to lay out some of my dirty laundry…

I confess…

    • I slept until 1:15 today – and it was heaven.
    • It was a hard week this week. It was filled with headaches and anxiety and frankly just a really bad attitude on my part. A evidenced by this video I sent to Marcie:

  • I am basically living off of taco salad. Like 2-3 meals a day. Just some spinach, ground turkey, cheese, salsa, onion, corn and siracha ranch. All day , every day. Is that bad? Probably.
  • I am re-watching Psych (the entire series) as I do my math homework. I am running out of episodes fast. I think Parks and Rec is next… or should it be 30 Rock? SO MANY CHOICES!!
  • I got some AMAZING news yesterday that pretty much turned my day week around. I’ll tell you about it soon.
  • I canceled a Skyped date with Old Roommate yesterday to take a nap… it sounds bad, but she was napping too.
  • This week I bought four six bags of Pumpkin Spice M&Ms. They are only available at Target and Target ran out lat year by mid October so I am stocking up.
  • When I’m not in class, I am basically living like a hobo – staying in and reading or watching TV and not doing anything with my life.
  • I have declared this “Brunch Friday.” I am currently drinking mimosas and coffee and  eating taco eggs. (think taco salad but with scrambled eggs instead of spinach).
  • I walked to the leasing office and mail box to turn in our rent… in my pjs…
  • Our rent was due on the first… today is the last day of the grace period.
  • My taco eggs look like something out of Oliver Twit, but they are delicious.
  • I made an entire pitcher of mimoas amd I am the only one living here who drinks mimosas… Challenge Aceptted…
  • My pitcher of mimosas only cost around $7… Thank you Andre and Orange Juice Concentrate! (what? I’m a college student again! That makes it acceptable…. right?!)
  • I have a to do list of school things I need to do, but I am going to put if off so I can fill in my new Erin Condren planner. I love it so so much!!!
  • I am currently involved in a game of “Pink Eye or Allergies.” I’m not sure if I’m winning….
  • I have been singing Confessions by Usher the entire time I was writing this.

So obvi I have my stuff together… Do you have anything you need to confess, Internet?

3 Responses to These are My Confessions

  1. our lives = the same (basically)

  2. alex says:

    Your posts always make me smile (also I resent you now for making me crave taco salad….). Hope you have a wonderful weekend, hopefully I’ll be able to sleep late like you did today!

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