Another Year in Review

Hey Internet! So last year, on my Blogiversary, I made a set of goals that I hoped to accomplish this past year. I am making up a new list to post on my second blogiversay (coming up so soon!) but first I need to review these goals one final time. Here we go, lets see how I did:

1) Read more magazines – Well, I did read more magazines, but I did not make it through all of my magazine piles. I made a good dent, but missed reaching this goal by about 10-15 magazines. I left my piles at my moms house, so I guess I will have to deal with them someday. Not today though. (Liz: 0; Laziness: 1)

2) Read more books – My goal was 2 a month, and while I did not read 2 books every month, I averaged well over that so this is achieved!! (Liz: 1; Laziness: 1)

3) Have more consistent quiet times – This ebbed and flowed. Some times I was consistent, but other times it was a real struggle. With moving it has been VERY non-consistent, but it is hard to judge the whole year. This is sitll something that needs a good deal of work though, so I don’t think I can call it “achieved” (Liz: 1; Laziness: 2)

4) Be more present in social situations – I really think I did improve on this front. I am much less likely to pull my phone out in a social situation unless I want to instagram something or add to the conversation via my good friend, Google. It is still something to be wary of, but I am going to say I improved enough. (Liz: 2: Laziness: 2)

5) Wear more lipstick – Yeah. I did this a lot over the first half of the year, and then I took a turn for the “I don’t care enough to make the effort.” C’mon Liz!!! (Liz: 2; Laziness: 3)

6) Decrease my eligibility for the show Hoarders by 50% – This I really think I did this! I donated SO MUCH throughout the year and in preparing for my move! (Liz: 3; Laziness: 3)

7) Get the rest of my mom’s house clean – THIS IS DONE!!!!!! I left it nice and clean! (Liz: 4; Laziness: 3)

8) Watch the Monies – I did this, but I need to do this even more while I am back in school. It is very hard living in a tourist town and not spending money, guys. Like for reals though. But I did do pretty well this last year. (Liz: 5; Laziness: 3)

9) Be organized in my life – hahahahahaha oh Liz. I was so optimistic. (Liz: 5; Laziness: 4)

10) Be a good bridesmaid for the bestie – SUCCSESS!! I mean, I hate to brag, but I’m a pretty good bridesmaid. (Liz: 6; Laziness: 4)

11) Blog approximately once a week – I blogged A LOT more this year. A LOT. To be honest, I may need to take a few steps back once  see what the school routine is going to look like, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it. (Liz: 7; Laziness: 4)

And then some extras:

  1. Take pictures of my room and bathroom and post them already! Dangit Liz!  – I FINALLY DID THIS!!! And then I moved….(Liz: 8; Laziness: 4)
  2. Proof read better. – This is REALLY HARD to judge for myself, but I think… (Liz: 9; Laziness: 4)

So 9 out of 13 ain’t bad!! This year has been CRAZY internet. If you had told me I would write my next yearly recap from my apartment in Orlando, I really would have had a hard time believing you. It’s been a great year, but a hard one. A year in which my need to really be intentional with my time and priorities has been made very clear. So much has happened, and so much is up in the air. But I am so so excited to see what is next!

Happy Weekend!

Love, Liz


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  1. Alex says:

    I was trying to read more books this year too, so far I’m accomplishing my goal hopefully I can keep it up! Hope you have an awesome weekend girly!

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