Writing About Disney When I Should be Packing

Hey Internet!

It’s the last day of Disney Memories! (You can see day one and two here and here).

I am too busy packing to be witty, so without further ado:

Disney Observations Day 7

I officially cornered the market on “weird bus girl” as I applied duct tape to the inside and outside of my tennis shoe on the bus.

89 and feels like 98 is HOT especially when you are waiting in the middle of a crowd of people for a parade to start. Then it is center of the sun hot.

When you sweat you get dehydrated. When you are dehydrated you get headaches. Drink ALL THE WATER.

If it is center of the sun hot and you have a headache and are tired it is ok to go back to your resort and take a nap. Who knows – the Good Lord may be keeping you dry as you sleep through a monsoon.

Embrace the poncho. Embrace it.


The Beast knows how to throw a heck of a dinner party. The French fries are to die for.

When the parade has been delayed and it is drizzling, try to get AS EXCITED AS YOU CAN. The characters will appreciate it and you may get: Gus the mouse to hold your hand, Peter Pan to catch your kiss (your life will be MADE) and Bashful being bashful directly AT you.

The best kind of day is the kind where you make all the buses all the time.

Spray your sunscreen under your top if you want to avoid sun stripes. #firstruleofthejungle #dontbeazebra #WHATUPjunglecruisehashtags

Disney Observations Day 8

Michael Jackson was a weirdo.

My mother will stop and try to pet the squirrels

The Wine Walk is always a good idea – six 2 oz pours of wine in 3 different countries for $20 – YES PLEASE!


Wine is good.

Also a good idea – getting back to your hotel room just in time for the latest Girl Meets World and a hot cup of tea. Life is good.

Girl Meets World is getting better. I’m hopeful.

It is possible to come back from vacation with a completely read Bloglovin’ feed. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but it makes me happy.

Disney Observations Day 9

9 days is way less time than it seemed 9 days ago.

I still hate water rides

People have no problem touching other peoples babies. I thought the universal policy was “You can wave at a stranger’s baby, but you can’t touch.” Was I wrong about this? So many wasted baby opportunities!!

I am a beast at filling in all available space

People do not listen to the term “keep your hands and arms in the boat at all times.” Some dude lost his finger tips in Pirates of the Caribbean two days ago and today I see people sticking their hands outside of the boat.

True life fact: somewhere in the filtration system of Pirates of the Caribbean, there are 2 real live human finger tips.

Florida is HOT. Why am I moving here? It is 90 degrees but feels like 100 and 100 feels like THE CENTER OF THE SUN.

Day 9 of theme parks is “tired, slightly grumpy, introspective day.”

The book “sleeping babies of Disney” would be super cute and probably sell like crazy, but it’d also be too creepy to ever follow through.

Ok French Press people, I finally get it. Coffee that has been French Pressed is delicious.


I could write a whole blog post on the differences between French Press and Keurig people, but it would probably offend everyone (especially the Keurig people which is weird because I am Team Keurig).

Ginger tea with honey is magic. Drink it if you ever get a tummy ache. For reals.

It is much harder to motivate yourself to pack to go home from vacation than it is to pack for vacation.

Disney Observations Day 10

I am not a good judge of what 50 pounds is.

I own a dress that is .9 pounds

If your suitcase is 50.1 pounds, the people at Disney will let you slide

The 10th day of vacation is when you stop observing things and start napping with your eyes open.

And we are done! How did you like it Internet? Have you observed things at Disney that need to be added?

Love, Liz

2 Responses to Writing About Disney When I Should be Packing

  1. Nina says:

    Jungle cruise FTW

  2. Alex says:

    I love reading your Disney posts they always get me so excited! I’m really looking forward to eating in Epcot after seeing your food/wine posts.

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