Road Trippin’ Like A Couple Of Bosses

Hey Internet! Happy Thursday! If you have noticed my crazy absence this week then a) I apologize. I was sleeping. And b) Hey! Thanks! Its nice to be missed! I am still very tired from the whirlwind that was a road trip and a flight and going back to work, but I wanted to tell you all about my adventures with Katie!!

So on Saturday, Katie and I hit the road around 7:30 am. This is very early for both of us, so we went straight to McDonalds for a coffee fix.

And then we drove.

And drove.

And drove.

And I did not fall asleep at all – even when we got stuck in traffic for two hours just north of Nashville. (Proabably because we had a dog in the back seat totally fascinated by the light our cell phone was giving off on the ceiling. She kept trying to eat it and may have knocked my glasses off in the process. It’s hard to fall asleep when you are laughing so hard you cry).

And then we drove.

We arrived in Atlanta around 10:30 pm. My wonderful dad put us up in the Sheraton Atlanta because he is a Fancy Business Guy who travels a lot and has a lot of points and stuff. Like, he is so fancy Iggy Azalea could write a song about him.

So fancy that, after spending 14 hours in a car and looking bedraggled in my pigtail braids and sweatpants, the manager of the Sheraton wanted to meet me and shake my hand because my dad’s name was on the reservation. OF COURSE HE DID. Now, he didn’t say anything, but I can assure you that I was not what he was expecting when “Super Points Reservation Man” made a reservation. To be fair though, FOURTEEN HOURS IN A CAR.

But we got checked in and only got a little bit lost getting to our room. We were in a fancy corner room and the beds were super comfy and THERE WAS A FRUIT BASKET. Clearly the first, and most important, thing I did was eat an entire bunch of grapes. We hadn’t had dinner and had eaten McDonald’s for lunch (Katie’s aunt had given her a gift card), and we knew we needed to eat. But we also were the special kind of nauseous that can only come from 14 hours in a car and fast food. We thought about ordering a Pizza, but first we decided to go looking for ginger ale or sprite.

Luckily my dad is Super Points Reservation Man and we had access to the club lounge! Yay!

But here is where things got ridiculous, Internet. We had Phoenix with us, in her service dog vest, and she was acting super well behaved. This, however, did not stop a pair of GROWN WOMEN from SCREAMING AND RUNNING AWAY FROM US as soon as they saw Phoenix. Seriously. There was screaming and fleeing and giggling  and hiding around the corner from us and carrying on like a bunch of four year olds (I know this because I had dinner with a four yea old last night). It was both hilarious and upsetting – hilarious because SERIOUSLY?!? Who does that? But upsetting because SERIOUSLY?!?! We walked in got some sprite and a couple of cookies and walked out, but it made me sad for humanity. There is a real live person walking with that TOTALLY WELL BEHAVED SERVICE DOG and they made it seem like we walked in with a grizzly bear on a leash. And not nice circus kind. The kind who ate the Grizzly Man. My point is, Internet, treat the people you see with service dogs like people. Because that is what they are. Also: if a dog is on a leash and wearing a vest, chances are it will NOT eat your face off. Trust me on this.

Anyhoo, we only got lost one more time on our way back to our room and then we decided that we were way too tired and icky feeling to go back to the lobby to pick up a pizza. So we ordered my first ever room service! We shared a bowl of chili and some sweet potato fries (they came with the cutest little teeny tiny ketchup bottle!!) and then we showered and ate and passed out.

Luckily we only had to drive five hours the next day and Super Points Reservation Man earned us the right to a late check out (I told you: fancy). We got to sleep in and  hit the road around 11.  We were both feeling kind of icky still, but I did NOT fall asleep. (The three of you who have been on a road trip with me before will know that that is a FEAT). We pretty much went straight to the airport where I, in my sweat pants and pigtail braids, really made my parents proud as I repacked my bag after security (because roadtrip and plane packing configurations are very different).

After that it was smooth sailing. I got home around midnight and got up the next morning and went to work.

I was tired, but it was worth it.

So how are you, Internet? What did I miss when I was gone?

Love, Liz

4 Responses to Road Trippin’ Like A Couple Of Bosses

  1. Nina says:

    You are hilarious and fancy.

  2. Alex says:

    I enjoyed following your travels through Instagram, your pup is a adorable!

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