Six Flags Fun

Hey Internet! How was your weekend? Mine was very good, but I am very very tired. I am writing you from my couch Sunday afternoon with (surprise surprise) Psych on in the back ground.

This weekend was pretty great. On Friday I went over to Katie’s and we made breakfast for dinner and I made her watch Clue because SHE HAD NEVER SEEN IT. That. Is. Not. Ok. I’m serious Internet. If you haven’t seen it then you need to go watch it now. It’s on Netflix. Its not just some rando board game movie. It is THE BEST BOARD GAME MOVIE. I mean. Tim Curry. ‘Nuf said. Obvi, Katie loved it (I think. I did tell her to lie to me if she hated it, so I guess we will really never know).  And we had some good puppy time with her dog and her new dog toy.

On Saturday I went to Six Flags Great America with Jackie and Math Hat Boy. I haven’t been to Six Flags in six years, and I was understandably excited for the super fun times that come from roller coasters and spinning around in the fastest teacup possible.

On Our Way!!

On Our Way!

So I was sufficiently disappointed when I got the old people sickness. And by “the old people sickness” I mean the rides were making me all nauseous and dizzy and at first I was like “NOOOOOOO” because I live in constant fear that I will one day morph into my mother when it comes to amusement  park rides (remind me to tell you about the time she hard core passed out in Disney – I’m talking on the ground, paramedics called, wheelchair given passed out).  But after drinking my weight in water and eating a spot of lunch I realized it was probably less my impending old age and more a mixture of dehydration and heat exhaustion. I started feeling much better as the day progressed and I kept hydrated, but I did have to sit out on a few of the roller coasters, which was a bummer, but ultimately it was ok. I did get to ride the teacups twice (turns out they are even MORE fun when you are already slightly dizzy), even though I was having a hard time existing in the world after a few of them. (On one of them I may have ended up screaming “THIS IS WHAT MISTAKES FEEL LIKE”). But by the end of the day I was hydrated and having fun!

That is, until the water rides. Plural. As in THREE OF THEM. Never do I scream in terror as loudly or emphatically as when I am on a water ride. I scream until I am hoarse and then I scream some more. At one point Jackie said to the raft of strangers we were with “Do you hear this? It’s like she’s dying.” Internet, I cannot stress this enough, I do not like getting water-ride wet. I do not enjoy walking around a theme park soaking wet. I hate the squishy feeling of wet shoes and the fact that my blisters stay really soft and don’t get firm and callous-y and less painful. I. Do. Not. Do. Water. Rides. Or rather, the feelings that result from water rides.

Anyway after the THREE WATER RIDES it was later in the day and it became increasingly clear that we were not going to get dry ever ever ever again. Ever. Seriously. We were going to be wet forever. But we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and rode two more rides. Then we hit up the carrousel (as always my horses name was Froderick) and then we went to Cracker Barrel.

Just sittin' here. Riding Foderick.

Just sittin’ here. Riding Foderick.

Even though we were totally very much hungry, it was hard to fully enjoy my shrimp, hushpuppies and mac and cheese because I was still so cold and wet and very tired. In fact, I was BEYOND tired and, as I told Jackie, everything was awful because I was still wearing pants. Luckily, there was a sheet in the trunk of Jackie’s car and I was able to take my pants off and wrap in a sheet for the ride home. And then I feel asleep. It was glorious.

Math Hat Boy was a total trooper and drove us all back to Jackie’s while Jackie and I slept. Then we got there and I walked in wrapped in a sheet and said hello to Jackie’s dad. Awesome. We took showers and then we collapsed. Usually Jackie and I stay up talking forever but we were both so exhausted that we just passed out.

I dedicated Sunday to rest (and shopping) and more rest. I am hoping to start this week out well rested, but things aren’t looking good, Internet. I may need to drink A. Lot. Of. Coffee.

How was your weekend internet? I hope it was great!

Love, Liz

2 Responses to Six Flags Fun

  1. Alex says:

    Ugh be prepared when you get wet on a water ride to never get dry again, sounds like a fun day despite all that!

  2. Nina says:

    The video made me miss my g.shep soooo much!

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