I’m Baaack!!!

Hey Internet! I took a little break there from posting and reading and internetting. It was sad to step back for a good part of a week from doing anything blog-related (I mostly missed reading other people’s blogs, but to be honest I needed the time away). I am happy to report I feel super-much better and I plan on starting back up on the reading AND writing this week!  I have a plan and that plan should hopefully help me to ease back into this whole mess of fun!

Tomorrow I will be here for Tuesday Tea with a little bit of wedding-type crafts (and by wedding I mean bachelorette party. Get excited). On Wednesday I will have a story for you about how I am a total a-hole sometime, even if it is totally on accident (Old Roommate is making me post this one). On Thursday I will be here will the much hyped (by me – to everyone I meet) story of the riot at my mom’s school and on Friday I will be here with my five favorite things to watch on the internets. It’s gonna be a busy week, and I am excited. Mostly because I actually had the opportunity to sit down with a watermelon Margarita and Psych in the background and plan all of this stuff out! A lazy Sunday evening of blogging is 100% one of my favorite things in the world.

So let’s get to it Internet! I hope you have a magical Monday and stop on by this week – I will have some fun stuff for you! At least I think it’s fun. You don’t have to think its fun. I mean, I hope you think it’s fun. But you aren’t, like, obligated to find it enjoyable. But I hope you do. Because if not, it could get a little awkward. I’d be all “This is fun!!!” and then you’d be there being like *crickets* and then I would get all messed up in my head because “why did the internet stop thinking I was whimsical?!” But, really, is whimsical the right word? Or would a more correct word be “odd” or “strange” or “that-girl-who-likes-to-ramble-about-nothing-and-slash-or-her-cats?” And then I would try to be normal to impress you, but really where is the fun in that? (Hint: no where. There is no fun in that). So I hope you think this week is as fun as I do, Internet, otherwise things could get weird!

Thanks for putting up with me (or the lack of me) this past week! I missed your faces.

Love, Liz

4 Responses to I’m Baaack!!!

  1. Nina says:

    Nope…no fun in it that!

  2. Alex says:

    Welcome back, it’s nice to step back and take a break every once in awhile!

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