Tuesday Tea | Mail Time

Hey Internet! Happy Tuesday! I hope you are doing well!

So a month (or more) ago I had the BEST mail week – I got so many fun packages and I wanted to share them with you because they when you get this many packages you want to share it with the world:


You may be wondering why I got so many packages – do I have an online shopping problem that needs to be dealt with?… Yes… But that’s not why I got all of these packages! I got a lot of these packages because some very sweet ladies hosted a springtime giveaway and I won! (Rafflecopter must like me, because this is the second time I have won a blog give away) I also got a fun subscription boxes and the coolest mugs ever and a kickstarter reward and all of that combined made for THE MOST EPIC mail week ever.

I’ll start with the giveaway swag. This giveaway was hosted by these lovely ladies, who write awesome blogs that you should check out. (And I’m not just saying that because I won their giveaway):

Meagan @ Beautiful Things // Jenni @ Frankly My Dear //  Hope @ Hope in a Blog // Jessi @ Jessi’s Design // Alex @ Monster Misa // Melissa @ Simply Sweet Melissa. So

Here is what I gots: Swag Swag Collage

How AMAZING are these things?!? I got some pink and coral statement earrings (I found a matching necklace at Target and wore the set for Easter), Some nail polish (which I LOVE), a sample of benefit POREfessional, which I was super excited to try, a bunny ring holder (OBSESSED), an amazing mug from anthro and a grey chevron banner that I am love with. It was such a lovely collection of prizes and just made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!

I also got a Kickstarter reward from way back when. Two of my bestie’s good friends, Sus and Chlo, produce a travel show Sus and Chlo on the Go. These girls are so much fun and they host a mean travel show, so I was super excited to get a blooper reel from their first season!

Sus and Chlo


Next I got a set of Harry Potter Mugs. This package basically combines all of my loves – Harry Potter, Coffee, Blogging.. you seriously can’t go wrong!! These mugs were made by my sweet friend Nina who blogs over at Flowers in My Hair and she makes the cutest mugs over at her Etsy shop Straight Mugging. This set of four mugs brings my collection of Nina mugs up to six. I cannot get enough. Mugz Collage

Finally, that week I also received my first Mission Cute Box.  Mission Cute is an amazing subscription service where for as little as $29 a month you are sent a box of the cutest things. Most of them are handmade and they feature awesome small businesses. (Nina put it best in her review – it is like Etsy in a box) BUT THE BEST PART is that 50% of the proceeds each month go to a charity. A new charity is featured each moth, and when you get your box you get to learn all about the cause your money went to. Since I am SO LATE in writing this post, I actually have two mission cute boxes to show you. How cute is everything in these?!?

Mission CUTE



Now what did I tell you? Wasn’t that just the best mail week ever?! What is the best mail week you’ve ever had Internet?

Tuesday Tea Link Up

As always, thanks to Khala at The Birdie Bowl, Sam at The Ledford Life, Renee at Sassy Wife Classy Life and Jenni at Frankly My Dear for hosting!!

Love, Liz

11 Responses to Tuesday Tea | Mail Time

  1. Nina says:

    Best mail ever! And I love all the little changes on your blog!

  2. Jessi Otey says:

    eeee I do love a good mail week- my hubby is always like What the hell?? hahaha Glad you liked everything! xoxo

  3. Alex says:

    Those HP mugs are too cute! Also, so glad you liked your gift! That bunny ring holder sits on my dresser and always brings a smile to my face.

  4. jamie says:

    love the mugs and that banner! xo

  5. Girl!!! I am so jealous of all of the mail you get!! I need to sign up for something, ha! And Nina’s mugs are WAY cute!

    • Liz says:

      This was a rare occurrence usually my mail is pretty boring lol. And her mugs are THE BEST. I’m thinking of ordering a custom one sometime soon.

  6. Kelli B says:

    How fun!! I’ve never won anything but keep hoping that I will 🙂 I love the grey chevron banner and the nail polishes! What a great mail week!

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