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Hey Internet!! It’s Double Link Up Day! I’m looking back at my resolutions and telling you if I was able to conquer my laziness this month! Are you excited? Me too! But that may be the coffee…

Lets get to it!. As always, my resolutions (made in August-like a boss) can be found  here.

  • Read More Magazines – All good things here! Except that I don’t recall getting my Real Simple in the mail this month,.. Which makes me sad. Anyone out there subscribe to Real Simple? What was the cover story? If I got it then I read it because it is not sitting on my table staring at me and calling me a failure… If I got it… If I didn’t then at least I did spend a bit of time this month with my magazine binder project, so either way I think this is win!! (Liz: 1; Laziness: 0)
  • Read More Books – This month I finished Ransom Riggs’ Hollow City, which was good, but it ended on a cliffhanger and now I will have to wait forever for the next book to come out. I hate that. Because of other stuff happening in my life that is taking a lot of brain power, for my next reading endeavor I decided to finish a book series I loved when I wan younger. Is it shameful to be reading blatantly pre-teen/regular-teen books? Maybe. But I don’t care. These books saw me through my adolescence and it almost feels like I owe it to the characters to stick with them to the end. I started reading the Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor when I was in fifth grade and Alice was in 6th grade. There are 25 books in this series and I read the first 20, but while waiting for the 21st to come out I kind of fell off the Alice wagon. But I picked up again starting with the 14th book (because I started going through my “LETS BUY ALL THE BOOKS” phase around the time that book came out and I own 14-20). I figured this would serve as a good refresher course. This month I read 2.5 Alice books. It’s been nice to have just a light, easy, nostalgic read for when I am super tired from everything else. (Liz: 2; Laziness: 0)
  • Have more consistent quiet times – Some winning happening here. I have kept up with my reading plan, and have been following along with #Shereadstruth’s posts, but recently I feel like I’m hitting a mental or emotional or spiritual block where I am having quiet time, but not really getting into it. I think it’s a symptom of exhaustion but I really need to look into that. I should probably journal it out… That sounds so daunting… But I am counting this as a win, because even though I’m not always feeling it, I am still spending time in the Word, and that’s a habit I want to develop. At the same time though I REALLY need to journal a bunch. (Liz: 3; Laziness:0 )
  • Be more present in social situations – I think this is good. I went to 2 parties this weekend and really only got my phone out to take pictures. So that’s a good sign. I have not been in a lot of social situations recently. April has just been a really tired, busy but not socially busy month.  (Liz: 4; Laziness: 0)
  • Wear more lipstick – Yeah… I don’t know when I fell of this bandwagon. This is maybe the EASIEST goal, but this month I have barely bothered to put on chap stick. My lips are NOT pleased with this development either.  (Liz: 4; Laziness: 1)
  • Decrease my eligibility for the show Hoarders by 50% – This is going well! I’ve done some cleaning and made a pretty good sized trip to goodwill! There may be non-hoarding hope for me yet! (Liz: 5; Laziness: 1)
  • Get the rest of my mom’s house clean – Well we cleaned off the upstairs landing and the downstairs to host Easter, so I say this is a win! We still need to tackle the basement… I am scared of this process… (Liz: 6; Laziness: 1)
  • Watch the monies – I think I am doing pretty good at this! There is still room for improvement, but definitely BIG progress made this month.  (Liz: 7; Laziness: 1)
  • Be organized in my life – My room, bathroom, and car are clean. I have to-do lists that I have been pretty much keeping up with. I am scheduled to the brim. Am I organized? Yes. This is a win. But if this post (and the last two) are any indicator, I think I am over-scheduled and that is catching up with me. Everything is starting to feel overwhelming, which means I need to be very aware of the commitments I make and what I am doing. On the outside I appear totally on top of it, and I kind of am in one sense (the sense that makes this a win) on the inside however… I don’t want to say “my soul is dying” because that would be a bit over-dramatic. But this feeling definitely goes way past “I need a nap.” In that sense, this is really a cautionary tale. (Liz: 8; Laziness:1 )
  • Blog approximately once a week – Done. Blogging is on my List of Important Things. And I am crossing everything off that list if it kills me! (See: cautionary tale) (Liz: 9; Laziness: 1)

And moving on to the miscellaneous things I added to the list

  • Take pictures of my room and bathroom and post them already! – I know you think this is going to be loss. But you would be half wrong!! I took room pictures! They are going up this week! Bathroom pictures will hopefully be next week! Suck it laziness! This is half a win!! (Liz: 9.5; Laziness: 1.5 )
  • Proof Read Better – Sure. Why Not? I don’t know. Somebody else needs to measure this for me. I’m counting it as a win, but taking it off the list next month. (Liz: 10.5; Laziness: 1.5)
  • Keep up with my teeth routine –  This is not a win. I still take better care of my teeth than a lot of people with good teeth do, but I need to do more than your average person because apparently I’m doing meth in my sleep. All this to say – I brush, I floss, I mouthwash, and one of my root canaled teeth chipped this month…(Liz: 11.5; Laziness: 2.5)

So, clearly my resolutions are going pretty well, Internet. But I’ll be honest – It wasn’t til I sat down to write this (on my lunch break on Monday, because that is the only time I had to write it in) that I realized how just fundamentally exhausted I am. I have so many awesome things going on and that’s great – but I’ve had a headache for about a week and a half and I’m not sleeping well even though I am so exhausted I can barely function. And now I am realizing that yes, goals like this are good. But between these and all this other awesome stuff happening that I will be able to tell you about one day, I’m just spent. Just hardcore burnt out. And I want to be here and tell funny stories and talk to you and have a good time, but I’m afraid that I’m not much fun to read when I feel like this.

But I am in no way ready to quit you internet, so I need to get into a better headspace. Clearly first and foremost I need to stop relying on my own strength and be turning to the Lord for strength and perseverance. I need to process why I am feeling so eh in my quiet times and address that heart issue, because if I don’t do that I know from experience that this whole situation will just get worse. And then it will start to get hard to get out of bed for headspace reasons instead of just tired reasons and that is not a good thing.

So for next moth (while I will still probably go through this list) my main #1 goal is to focus on the Lord and on taking care of myself. I want to get rid of this headache and find some energy. Everything else is really just a consolation prize.

Whoa there. I really don’t know where that came from, but it was good (unless catharsis makes you itch, in which case I am sorry). I just wanted to share with you where I really am right now Internet because I like your face.

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Love, Liz

4 Responses to Tuesday Tea | Resolutions Revisited |Catharsis Central

  1. Heather B says:

    Look at you go! I feel you on the young adult books- they’re nearly impossible for me to put down. I finally got the third Divergent book from the library- a month after finishing the second- so M says he’ll see me in two days 🙂 Oops. Thanks for linking up with us, friend!

  2. Nina says:

    Girl. The ALICE BOOKS! Also, I feel you on the energy thing. You’ve got to be healthy to do all the other things on your list, you know? Also, I finally started the Hunger Games. I know, I know. I am on the third one. Sometimes I like to be obstinate. Ya know?

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