Monday Should Just Fundamentally NOT Rhyme With “Funday”

Hey Internet! It’s Monday. I’m sorry.

Just stopping in. Saying Hi. What’s Up? How was your weekend?

My weekend was pretty sweet. I’ll be honest… I don’t really remember Friday night. At all. I was so super tired after last week that I think I just kind of died that night. Mentally. Not physically. I am still physically alive… Barely…

So even though there s a Friday shaped hole in my memory (it’s not even a drink-type memory hole. I really can’t explain it… WAIT… Was I chloroformed or something?… No…. I don’t think so… I was at home… Unless my cats found some chloroform…. In which case – Wait… Why am I typing this? What is wrong with me? Clearly I have not fully recovered.)

ANYWAY –  The rest of my weekend I remember! On Saturday I went to a bridal shower brunch for a lovely friend of mine from Bible Study. I got all swanked up and ate some quiche and got to spend time with my friends and it was lovely.

A car selfie of me being swagged up - mostly because it was a miracle that I was able to put myself together at that hour in the morning (10am. I know. Something is wrong with me).

A car selfie of me being swagged up – mostly because it was a miracle that I was able to put myself together at that hour in the morning (10am. I know. Something is wrong with me).


(Some of) my Bible Study. I love these girls. I also love the rainbow we are forming.


Then I may have come home and taken a 3 hour nap…. I totally did… That happened…. After my nap I went to my college friend’s house for a party. That was a lot of fun because she had delicous food and there was a baby there! (Technically there were two babies there but I formed a very special bond with one of them. We are best friends now. True story. Also- when did I get old enough to have friends who hosted parties with babies in attendance? I don’t understand….). So I played with a baby and met a bunch of new people and then came home and cleaned about 1/4 of my bathroom before passing out in my bedparts.

Sunday I slept in and then finished deep cleaning my bathroom. I would tell you about it, but I don’t want to bring shame upon my family by admitting to how much filth I was living in. I will tell you that after cleaning my bathroom I am a bit concerned that I may be going bald… It’s a real concern, Internet.

After a quick shower and a cup of coffee my mom and I got some Thai food (which makes EVERYTHING better in life). Then we went Target shopping and stocked up on things for life. Then I got more coffee and come home and cleaned my bedroom and did work on stuff that needed to be done. INCLUDING (but not limited to) taking pictures for a bunch of blog posts I’ve been wanting to write for a long time but never got around to doing the proper documentation. So get ready internet! Things are happening!!

There was a lot of shut-myself-up-in-my-room type stuff to do Sunday afternoon/evening to catch up on. It was much needed but by the night time my brain was SHOT. Fried. Not good for the thinking parts. Clearly this is a GREAT way for a girl to start her week… Today is going to be interesting….

Anyway, that’s that Internet! Tomorrow it is time to talk about resolutions and I should hopefully have some fun posts for you this week!!

Love, Liz

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  1. Nina says:

    Work it girl (referring to the selfie)

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