A Me-Week Update

Hey there internet! So last week I told you I was taking a week for myself to re-energize and I thought I would stop by and let you know how it went!

So! Me week in a nutshell:

  • I did not go to bed as early as I thought I would. That was a bit disappointing, but I did get more sleep!
  • I found it hard to not waste my me-week in front of the TV because I LOVE OLYMPICS, but I did my best and do feel like I took some extra time for myself everyday.
  • I made a GIANT pile of clothes to give away. Win.
  • My room is cleaner, but there is still work to be done.
  • I cheated for valentines day and hung out with some peeps. Totes worth it.
  • I took a nap on Saturday! I real live 3 hour wonder nap! It was wonderful!!
  • I went to church on Saturday afternoon, which let me sleep in on Sunday. Between being out of town all the time and my very bad no good sleep schedule I have really been struggling to make church a Sunday morning routine. I think this will work much better and plan on continuing.
  • I made some decisions and dealt with some things I didn’t want to deal with. And that was good!
  • I did still watch a lot of Park and Rec… so sue me….
  • I WON MUG!!!
  • I accidentally reread Divergent instead of the next book on my to-read list. Shameful. The next book on my list is a grown-up book and I’m not sure I’m ready. THIS WEEK. I will start a grown-up book this week.
  • I got caught up (with the exclusion of this week’s episode) with Downton Abbey. Win.
  • I bought some very-on-sale Kate Spade earrings.
  • Overall I felt much less tired and much more productive.

So me-week went pretty well. Was it totally and completely the restful and classy and  soul searching week I set out to accomplish?… No… But it was good! It was needed. I did some things that needed doing. I took some time to do nothing. And it was good.

Me week is ending. I have plans for tomorrow and the next day and the next day. But it did teach me that I am going to have to be more intentional with my time – both the time I spend with people and the time I will start to carve out for myself. Otherwise I will loose my mind. I know that now.

So how was your past week internet? What did you do just for you?

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