Valentine’s Day Round Up

Hey Internet! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Speaking as a single girl, I am not sure why Valentine’s Day gets so much hate. Any holiday that allows me to wear pink and practically insists that I eat my weight in chocolate is ok by me! Plus I LOVE me some Valentine’s Day cards. Not the sappy “I love you” kind.  Those are lame. (This is not the single-ness talking. I am pretty sure I would think they were lame even if I was in a relationship.)  I like the funny, awkward, “what-the-what?!?” type valentines that make me giggle.  Because they are cool.

So I thought that today I would share with you some of my favorite Valentine ’s Day cards!… Not that I sent any cards this year… Remember when I said I was busy? I wasn’t lyin’… And then yesterday I realized “Oh. I did not get anybody a Valentine’s Day card.” And then I ALMOST ran to the store to buy a pack of those cards that you handed out in elementary school (Or, if you are like me, elementary, middle and high school. As well as some college…. What? They are fun! And I always handed out chocolate with them because I am very generous. And because I liked eating the extras. But mostly because I am so generous.) But I didn’t go out to buy any because I was already in my sweat pants and once the sweatpants are on there is no leaving the house. That’s just a basic rule of humanity.

So instead of sending all my loved ones cards, I am just showing you what I would have sent them had I been a grown up and been on top of my life enough to send them.

First I want to start with a shout out to Groupon, because this article is awesome. And has some great card ideas. In particular I like “Hey I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my number… Please call, or at least text to say you’re not interested so I don’t get all goofed up in my head.” That is valentines gold y’all. So you should go read that, BUT THEN COME RIGHT BACK because I have some more golden nuggets of Valentine’s Day love for you!



These next valentines are from Spilled Ink Press in Chicago. They are a rockin’ stationary company who do the best cards and wedding invites. Plus I have met the husband and wife duo who run the business and they are flippin’ sweet.  I was having a serious love affair with a bunch of their valentines this year, but here are my favorites:

*Disclaimer – Some of these aren’t what I would call 100% appropriate. But I don’t care because they are funny. Just a warning.*

“Will you be my Valentine?…. And by “Valentine”, I mean let me rub my parts on your parts. Happy Valentine’s Day” – Romantic  and funny!… Or just funny…  But oh so funny!

Rubbing Parts Valentine

“To proclaim my love for you, I carved our initials into a tree… That tree was an asshole anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day.” – For the tree- huggers (or haters!) in your life

Asshole Tree Valentine

“I will kill your nemesis…That is how much I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.” – Because: Ninjas.

Ninja Valentine

Aren’t those amazing? They have more that are just as good.  And if you are looking for a late valentine to send, I HIGHLY recommend anything by them. They also have ROCKIN birthday cards.

My favorite: “Have you seen how big a baby’s head is?...You should really hug your mom. Seriously. Happy Birthday."

My favorite: “Have you seen how big a baby’s head is?…You should really hug your mom. Seriously. Happy Birthday.”

I also perused Etsy for some cards, because I love me some etsy. Here are a few favorites:

“You hate Pants and I do too.” – I could basically give this to any of my college roommates and it would make total sense. (True story – when we graduated we held a “No Pants Party” where everyone had to come FULLY CLOTHED, but no one was allowed to wear pants. It was awesome.)

Pants Hatin' Valentine

By Katie at sadshop

Also from sadshop “I like you and naps.” – It’s like they know me!!

Naps Valentine

“I love you like Kanye loves Kanye” – Shout out to Nina at Flowers in Her Hair for telling me about this one. It’s awesome!

Kanye Valentine

By Alesha at AllyElleCards

Ron Swanson “I love you more than Bacon & Eggs” – I have been on a Parks and Recreation kick recently and this card makes me insanely happy.

Ron Swanson Valentine

By Melanie and Christopher at TurtlesSoup

 “I’d totally shave my legs for you” – Because that is true love guys.

Shaving Valentine


And finally, a few Harry Potter Valentines, because, well, Harry Potter:

“I love you less than Harry Potter….But still a lot” – For when you just gotta be honest.

Harry Potter Valentine

By the Graphis Design Club at GSU (Shop: GetGraphic)

And for those of you who forget to send cards this year as well, something you can send to your loved ones on the internet:

“I long for ur bottom.” – Thanks Neville. Thanks.

Longbottom Valentine

From the magic that is pinterest.


So there is my Valentine’s Day round up! What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day Cards?

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  1. Nina says:

    You know my favorite. I think I already told you. But the Harry potter one is. Close second. Because I do t love anyone more than h potty hahahahah

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